There's almost nothing better in this world than a nice, cheap breakfast. It's either the meal you look forward to the most in your day, or the one you never feel hungry enough for, but either way, saving money is key! Thanks to a breakfast spot near Austin with dollar pancakes, you can save money while filling your bellies with a nutritious meal or even take some home as leftovers for when you're finally hungry enough to devour a whole stack.

Every last Saturday of the month, Mochas and Javas in San Marcos serve up .99 cent double stack pancakes. 

San Marcos is a college town just a short drive from Austin, with not one, not two, but three Mochas and Javas locations.

It's important to know that their LBJ location is the only one offering this special, though in case you fall in love with them, there's more than one in San Marcos for the choosing.

The last Saturday of this month falls on December 28, just a few days after Christmas.

What better way to treat yourself after treating others than with pancakes!

Mochas and Javas serves their pancakes with whole wheat, rolled oats, flax, organic sugar, and 100% real maple syrup.

If you didn't think pancakes could be healthy, well, now you know they can.

They also have vegan and gluten-free options for just $2.99, in case you have restrictions.

Ordering extra items on the side for extra is obviously more than welcome, and they have plenty to choose from

Be sure to come out on this month's last Saturday, and every last Saturday of the month to come, because no place does it better, for cheaper.

Mocha and Javas is open from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays.

Last Saturday .99 cent Pancakes

Price: .99 cents

When: The last Saturday of every month

Address: 700 North LBJ Drive #100, San Marcos, Texas

Why You Need To Go: To get the cheapest and most delicious pancakes you've ever had.

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