If you've ever gone out to eat Italian and waited a few minutes before saying "enough" when the server is grinding parmesan cheese onto your pasta, you probably understand that the more cheese the better. Pretty much anything is better with cheese, including jokes. That's why cheese-filled pupusas are so amazing and there's a Houston cafe that's having a pupusa pop-up this month!

EggHaus in the Heights is having a Pupusa Pop-Up on March 22! The popular brunch spot is known for its egg sandwiches and extremely pretty and colorful croissants.

For their pop-up, they're going to have pupusas in three different flavors and we know it'll be good because it's a recipe that's been in the owner's family for over five generations.

If you've never heard of a Salvadorian pupusa, it's basically a cheese-filled flatbread that kind of resembles a thick tortilla that often has other ingredients mixed in. They're absolutely delicious and are almost a tortilla version of a grilled cheese.

EggHaus's pop-up is going to be whipping up pupusas in cheese and bean, pork, cheese and bean, and chicken and cheese.

The owner of EggHaus, Jeannette Gonzalez, decided to put on the pop-up in honor of International Women's Day and celebrate all the strong women in her family by dishing out the Salvadorian recipe that's been in her family for five generations.

The pop-up will be on March 22 from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. and each perfectly cheesy pupusa will be sold for $3.

If you want to add a healthy dose of gooey cheese to your Sunday brunch, eating two or five fresh-made pupusas is a great way to do so. 

Pupusa Pop-Up At EggHaus

Price: $3 each

When: Sunday, March 22, 2020

Address: 2042 E. TC Jester, Houston, TX

Why You Need To Go: To try out one of the tastiest cheese-filled foods, pupusas. If you love grilled cheeses and quesadillas you need to try a pupusa! 

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