Cheat days are only acceptable when you plan for them. Because if you're going to do it, you might as well do it right. And this May, a massive donut fest is coming to Houston with beer pairings and loads of samples, and it's is our one and only shot to have the perfect sugar-filled day. That's what we'll keep telling ourselves, at least.

On Sunday, May 3, all donut lovers of the city will unite to stuff their faces and try to name Houston's Favorite Donut. 

With dozens of stations, you can pretentiously walk around as you sip beer, taste test every donut, and maybe even get into a heated argument over the proper way to spell doughnut (donut? I really don't know).

General Admission tickets are just $15 and grant you endless donut samples, one beer ticket, beverage samples, and the ego-boosting power to vote for the Best Houston Donut.

Or you can level up with a VIP ticket for $25 and get unlimited donut samples, two beer tickets, a sweet goodie bag, beverage samples, a raffle ticket and, of course, a vote towards Best Houston Donut.

There's even a ticket for Designated Drivers for only $10. Because there's no law against driving while sugar high. Though, there probably should be.

Kids can enter for the DD ticket price of $10 too, but they can't drive. Just as illegal, fortunately. 

And if the samples aren't quite enough to satisfy, you can participate in the donut eating contest — no matter what ticket you purchase!

But until then, you need to get acquainted with Houston's finest donuts — because we have some pretty fancy, cant-miss ones.

From the long-awaited Voodoo Doughnut opening this month to Sam's Fried Chicken And Donuts, Houston has every good reason to cheat on your New Year's resolution!

Donut Fest Houston

Price: $10-25

When: May 3, 2020

Address: TBA

Why you need to go: For endless donut samples, and to fill that hole in your heart with sugary deliciousness.


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