Nachos are always a classic American food staple. A meal doesn't get much better than crisp, salty chips drenched in gooey cheese sauce. While having a super solid base to start off with, nachos have pretty much unlimited potential when it comes to their toppings. There's a Louisiana hot spot that's been going crazy with their nachos and they're coming to Houston as pop-up this February!

Sho NotChos is a popular Louisiana spot for insane nachos with yummy toppings like shrimp, crawfish, and smoked sausage. On February 29, they're having a pop-up shop in Aldine Westfield.

The hot spot takes the classic chips and melted cheese and loads them with different smoky and savory meats, along with extra toppings such as jalapenos and herbs. Your dream nachos await you at this mouthwatering spot!

They've already had a pop-up in Houston before and it was so popular they completely sold out. They're expecting the same thing to happen again so make sure you get there early to secure your plate of nachos and glass of tea!

However, if you want to ensure you get to try their famous nachos, they're offering an Express Line Pass that lets you skip the line and pick up your order for only $5.

It's a shame that they're only going to be in Houston for one day because they fit right in with all the crazy food options we have with insane toppings.

Besides the crazy nachos, Sho NotChos is also known for their signature "Messy Tea" which is a sweet tea packed with a bunch of different flavors.

The tea is so popular they've even started selling it world-wide! You can still try their Messy Tea even if you can't make it out to their pop-up.

Sho Notchos is also planning on having other Texas pop-ups in different cities so keep up to date on their Instagram to find out when those dates will be.

Sho NotChos Houston Pop-Up

Price: 💸💸

Address: 11710 Aldine Westfield Rd., Houston, TX

Why you need to go: This pop-up is your chance to try out their famous crazy nachos and tea without having to travel to Louisiana!


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