Growing up, if we didn't have a treehouse in our backyards, we envied those who did. They were perfect for telling secrets in, hiding out in, and, of course, eating in! For those who didn't have a treehouse in their backyards or maybe miss the days when they did, there's a treehouse restaurant near San Antonio that allows an intimate group of guests to dine within it!

Has the nostalgia kicked in yet? Because it sure has for us.

The Laurel Tree is located in Utopia, Texas, which is just under a two-hour drive from San Antonio. It's home to a massively gorgeous dining area as well as, drum roll please, a treehouse!

The treehouse is the newest addition to The Laurel Tree and is perfect for special occasions. Within the treehouse, there's one table that fits two to six people max, meaning you should plan for an intimate meal.

Whether you're there celebrating a birthday, anniversary, graduation, engagement, or anything else that requires a magical setup, you will not be disappointed!

The treehouse is covered head-to-toe in all of the owner's favorite things and even has a deck with the most incredible views of the property.

After your meal, you can escape to the deck with a glass of wine or even a coffee.

In order to dine at the treehouse, you must make a reservation. Reservations can be made via phone call at 830-966-5444.

Gates to the property are only open on Saturdays for normal business at The Laurel Tree, therefore if you want to scope out the treehouse before you book, you'll have to head over when it's open.

The treehouse caters to both lunch and dinner, and there's a $300 non-refundable booking fee for it that does not include the cost of the meal.

No one under the age of 16 is allowed inside the treehouse to avoid any climbing. 

Start planning a trip to The Laurel Tree today!

The Laurel Tree

Price: 💸💸💸

Address: 18956 N Fm 187, Utopia, TX

Why You Need To Go: This is a rare and incredible opportunity to dine in a treehouse. Your friends will be totally jealous!

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