If you thought San Antonio stopped at having Texas' largest pizza, boy, do we have news for you! LuLu' Bakery and Cafe has the largest cinnamon rolls in the state and they weigh in at an impressive 3 pounds each!

The 24-hour shop always has these cinnamon rolls on stand by as they have become popular for people visiting from all over the world. Not only does the shop have them ready for you to eat when you walk in but they also offer to send them straight to your door anywhere in the world for just $12 plus shipping.

The rolls do come with a ton of icing but if all that sweetness isn't enough you can also order 4 ounces of extra icing on the side. While the cinnamon rolls are the main attraction at the shop that isn't the only thing they're famous for.

The shop has award-winning chicken fried steak and if you're up for it you can take on the Texas Ranger Challange. The challenge states that anyone who can finish a 21 Oz. Chicken Fried Steak with double sides and 2 yeast rolls in 12 minutes or less get their meal for free if you don't finish, however, it's a $33 fine.

While the cinnamon roll doesn't have a challenge of its own, the tasty treat is still worth trying - although you might not be able to finish it on your own. 

For more information on these massive cinnamon treats and to order one, you can visit the LuLu's Bakery and Cafe website here. 

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