Ed Sheeran Is In Hot Water After Allegedly Stealing A Song

Maybe he was just thinking out loud?
Ed Sheeran Is In Hot Water After Allegedly Stealing A Song

The world-famous singer and songwriter has recently found himself in some trouble. Once again, Ed Sheeran has been accused of plagiarism. The statement comes in the form of a lawsuit from Australian songwriters, Sean Carey and Beau Golden. The lawsuit was filed to the New York federal court and claims that a song he wrote "The Rest of Our Life" was a "blatant copy" of a song the duo wrote earlier in 2014 - "When I Found You", performed by Jasmine Rae. 

Spearheading the lawsuit, and representing Carey and Golden are Richard Busch. He's the same man who sued Ed Sheehan in early 2016 over his famous song "Photograph". Together, they're seeking a minimum of $5 million U.S. That doesn't even include the profits, royalties and costs that they're also looking to chase. 

While allegations have neither been proven or denied in court, the complaint issued reads that "the copying is, in many instances, verbatim, note-for-note copying of original elements of the song, and is obvious to the ordinary observer. 

So what do you think? There's definitely an eery similarity in the two songs, but only once the court case is heard will a resolution be prompted for Ed's latest debacle. 

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