On Wednesday, May 16th, Michel Arsenault of Edmonton was arrested by Quebec detectives and local authorities. He works as a gymnastics coach in Edmonton, and is facing sexual assault charges in Montreal dating back to the 1980s and early '90s.

According to the Quebec Provincial Police, a warrant was issued for Arsenault, identifying six different female victims. Arsenault is facing charges on seven different counts, four of which are assault, and the other three of which are sexual assault.

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Sgt. Audrey-Anne Bilodeau has said that the victims of Arsenault's attacks were all between the ages 10 and 20 at the times of the alleged crimes. Arsenault, who is now 56, is expected to appear in court in Montreal on May 24th.

Arsenault has since been suspended from his coaching duties by Gymnastics Canada, due to the severity of the allegations being places on him.

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Champion Gymnastics, a local Edmonton Gymnastics studio, was founded by Arsenault in 2002, but since the allegations have been laid on him, the studio has banned Arsenault from entering the facility and said that he will no longer be associated with it.

Arsenault has been living in Alberta since 1994, and police say that he is free to remain there so long as he promises to show up to his court date, and follow other conditions.

Montreal police say that all crimes on the warrant occurred within the city of Montreal, but they have not yet ruled out other potential alleged victims across the province.

Source: Edmonton Sun