Looking to get out of the city for a bit? Well, good thing you came across this article, we're here to help you out. With Reading Week starting at the end of February, we know that there should only be one thing on your mind, taking that well-deserved mid-semester trip. We've done some digging and have found out all the destinations worth traveling to this reading week. You can study on the plane, am I right?

According to FlightHub, there are plenty of flights to choose from departing in Edmonton that will get you to your destination at a low price range. For some universities, the Reading Week dates will vary, please have a look at the dates below before you choose your destination followed by packing up your life within the 30 seconds.

Don't know your reading week? We've got you covered:

  • University of Alberta: February 21 - 24
  • NAIT: February 21 - 24
  • MacEwan University: February 20 - 23

Note: Listed below are sample dates of trips. Choose the “Flexible Date” tab located just above the list of flight options for the cheapest combination of dates.

Los Angeles

Round trip for $313.26


Round trip for $386.74

Las Vegas

Round trip for $430.21

Palm Springs

Round trip for $462.36


Round trip for $607.91


Round trip for $564.01


Round trip for $531.22

San Francisco

Round trip for $502.53


Round trip for $431.82


Round trip for $365.67