You can tell a lot about a person by their Instagram aesthetic. Do their photo filters blend nicely? Do they alternate their depth-of-field? Do I feel at peace or slightly hungry when I scroll through their feed? While your Instagram aesthetic may seem like a really odd and arbitrary thing to feel this strongly about, it helps you feel slightly more accomplished and put together. You won't hesitate before shamelessly saying, "follow me on Instagram." (Seriously, you can't promote an aesthetically displeasing Instagram, what are you doing?)

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Instagram has become every foodie's food-porn heaven. Beautifully photographed food has become a large part of keeping your Insta-aesthetic on point. However, behind every perfect food porn photo is a pretty meal at an even prettier restaurant. And honestly, when the restaurant is really pretty, we might just snap a pic of that instead of the food. If you're a little insane and obsessed with your Instagram aesthetic or you just wanna improve your IG game, here are some restaurants that you need to add to your Instagram feed. Believe me, they look good in every VSCO filter. (And even better with #NoFilter)

And as for everyone who isn't completely obsessed with their Instagrams and is just looking for a place to eat (a.k.a the "post your pic and go" types), here are some of the prettiest places to eat in YEG.

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District Cafe & Bakery // 10011 109 St NW #101

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Highlevel Diner // 10912 88 Ave NW

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Coffee Bureau // 10505 Jasper Ave

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Cat Cafe on Whyte // 10111 82 Ave NW

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Blue Plate Diner // 10145 104 St NW

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Curated Wine Bar // 2307 Ellwood Drive

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Zwick's Pretzels // 12415 107 Ave NW

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LEVA Cafe - Bar // 11053 86 Ave