This is the part where we turn to Youtube and search up, "Who Runs The World". As the video loads, we mentally and physically prepare ourselves to be slayed not only by Bey's presence but also by the messages of women empowerment throughout the 4 minutes and 50 seconds of the song. Whether she is a CEO, non-profit organizer, designer, health enthusiast or mental health advocate, she is more than just a pretty face, she's a girl boss!

The term "boss" it is often viewed negatively when paired with the female gender, since the assumption is, "she must be a bitch". Ummm, no. This is 2017, people! Please drop these assumptions and better yet, make it a part of your new years resolution. A girl boss is a woman who is not afraid to chase her dreams, isn't afraid to make mistakes, is passionate and loves the term "hustle." We want to shine a light on a few girl bosses in the city who to this day, continue to work hard when it comes to their vision and have no problem sharing their journey with others as well provide words of encouragement. Don't worry ladies, we see you!

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Alyssa Lau // New Classics 

Born and raised in Edmonton, Lau is making all kinds of waves in the city. She graduated from the University of Alberta and decided to hold off on studying biochemistry and pursued her dream in fashion. You might of seen her pop up on your Instagram feed in the explore section, and trust us when we say that her feed of 60,000 followers is worth exploring Her blog titled Ordinary People, is Lau's outlet when it comes to wooing fashion lovers with her tomboy style (holy fashion goals!). From there, she began an online E-Commerce store called New Classics that promotes fashion with a conscious. Don't expect her to slow down anytime soon!

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 Marnie Ashcroft // Glow Juicery

Say hello to Marnie Ashcroft, founder of Edmonton's Glow Juicery aka the best cold-pressed juice in the city. From juices, to smoothies to vegan raw food options she makes sure you're staying fit and full. Every product at Glow Juicery is made locally and uses organic food sources to give your body the energy it deserves. It's no doubt that Marnie is adding more glow to our lives. Be sure to check out Glow's multiple locations in Strathcona, Whitemud Crossing, Sherwood Park, and on 124th street.

 Jacqueline Jacek // Jacek Chocolate

You may of seen Jack's beautifully decorated chocolates on a few instagram posts or up close at an event or at one of her 2 locations in Edmonton. Founder Jacqueline Jacek studied the art of artisan chocolatiering and she's taken what she's learned and has made her dream a reality. From salted caramels, earl grey, poached pear, chili, all the way to creme brulee, Jacek's chocolates are almost too pretty to eat. Be sure to stop by this vibrant shop located on 104th street, and the second location in Sherwood Park.

Amor Carandang // Hunt Amor

If you are a lover of accessories, look no further than Hunt Amor. With an eye for sharp design and details, Amor took her creativity to the next level and began crafting everyday jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, rings to even bottle openers. Her three collections are Utility, Kindred, and Everyday. In terms of outside influences, she bases it off of stories, since she believes that every person has one and no matter what, their story is worth knowing. If you ever need a custom piece, Hunt Amor is your best place to treat yourself or get something special for that special someone (she creates wedding bands too!).

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Sylvia Soo // Sylvia Soo Leather

Sylvia is lady boss in many ways: she is the owner of Sylvia Soo leather, an author, educator and a two-time cancer survivor. You can easily say that nothing stands in Sophia's way for she takes every experience that she's undergone and turned it into a life lessons to help her grow. She is a force to be reckoned with. Keep on shining Sophia!

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Jessilyn Poole // Eve & Enoch

Jessilyn has always had a passion for design for as long as she can remember. Her clothing line, Eve & Enoch, is handmade from the stitching all the way to the designs. With her line is a strong message as to why we should all support local companies. Jessilyn is not afraid to mix prints and try match different types of fabrics. Since she's a local gal, each piece she creates, is meant for every Edmonton season.

Kimberly Der //  Kimder

In 2012, Edmonton's own Kimberly Der launched her handbag line Kimder, a line of bags meant for women that live a fast-paced life. She combines minimalism with silhouettes that have a edgy touch and can worn throughout the day and night. She travels to New York to purchase different leathers plus gets design inspo on what's happening in the fashion capital of the world. Her bags can be purchased online and at at Bamboo Ballroom, and she's also branching out into thrashed t-shirts and accessories.

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Sarah Dharshi // BBM Dance

Sarah is the founder and creative director of Bad Bitch Mentality, an all female hip-hop dance group aimed to promote women empowerment through creative movement. Some may think that the term "bad bitch" is negative, but not to Dharshi. With the help of a few workshops, Dharshi encourages women to embrace being a bad bitch since she correlates the term to self-confidence. She feels that women should cheer each other on while dancing to not only to a fire solo, but to life in general. She is also a mental health advocate, who dedicates her time to sharing her story to young Edmontonians. Why you ask? She wants to let them know that they are not alone and inspire them to be more open about mental health, an issue that is constantly swept under the rug.

Katie Jolicoeur // Be Free Yoga

Practicing yoga has helped Katie Jolicoeur beat life's obstacles and even inspired her to open up her own studio, Be Free, located in Spruce Grove. She strongly believes that with the practice of yoga, she is able to create a safe space not only for herself, but for others who walk in through her studio doors. She started the Be Free Project as a way to combine meditation and yoga into the community to help heal individuals who have a mental illness and to use social media to bring more awareness. Feel free to check out to find out how you can be a part of or learn about this movement. Namaste Katie!

Nasra Adem // Sister 2 Sister 

You might have seen her gracing the recent issue of Avenue Magazine looking all types of fly. Why? Well this vibrant 22 year old was named Edmonton's second Youth Poet Laureate. As a representative for poetry, Nasra will create and perform two poems at the City of Edmonton Youth Council as well as City Council meetings. She is also the founder of Sister 2 Sister, a monthly showcase aimed to showcase female artists of color, plus host workshops such as yoga, book clubs, and healing services. Be on the lookout for Nasra and be sure to check online at Avenue to learn more the positive vibes that she supplies.

Alisha Schick // Suka Clothing 

Alisha, better known as Mustang Ali, is well known for her clothing line Suka Clothing that caters to women who are into street style. With a strong knowledge of music and high fashion, Alisha worked to combine the two creative powerhouses to make women feel like badasses with each silhouette and design. And what makes Alisha even more likeable, she's all about collaborating with local creatives to help them jumpstart their creative grind. Suka Clothing can be viewed online or at Bamboo Ballroom, a local women's boutique located on Whyte Ave. Keep on grindin Ali!