Everyone knows that street food is some of the best food around, and Edmonton is no exception. YEG has tons of amazing food trucks that all serve up delectable eats sure to turn your boring work day into a day to remember. Plus, part of the fun is hunting down the trucks! 

From BBQ to desserts to vegan dishes, there's something for everyone on the streets of Edmonton. Here are 11 amazing food trucks that you definitely need to hunt down and try this summer: 

Drift Food Truck

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This food truck offers classic street food such as fries, roasted meats, and chicken & waffles. They're even open all year round, found in winter at the Shamrock Curling Club!

Bully Food Truck

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Not only does this truck have a hilarious name and website, their food is honestly delicious. They serve "gourmet food on wheels", ranging from raps, soups, salads, and burgers.

Meat Street Pies

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This baked-on-board food truck offers delicious meat pies that are sure to make your belly feel like it's getting a warm hug. It's one of the most popular food trucks in the city - taste it to find out why!

Casa 12 Doce

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Who's up for some authentic Mexican street food? I know I am.. This is the perfect food truck to hit up if you're craving some tacos or if you want to spice up your day!

Sailin' On Food Truck

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Sailin' On prides itself in being Edmonton's only vegan food truck! They even offer vegan bacon! This is definitely a truck to try out if you're vegan - or even if you're not!

Scoop n Roll Creamery

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Looking for some ice cream to cool you down on a hot summer day? This truck has you covered. Offering up some uniquely rolled ice cream, this truck is just as much entertainment as it is dessert!

Dedo's Food Truck

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Dedo's serves up delicious Mediterranean cuisine such as their award winning shawarma and falafel! If you're in need of a meal that's going to fill you up, this is the place to go.

Lil Havana

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Lil Havana food truck offers a taste of Cuba right in the streets of Edmonton, AB. Their dishes are so satisfying, but the real attraction to this place is their piña coladas - perfect for a hot day!


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Edmonton's newest food truck is impressing Edmontonians already with their delectable breakfast and lunch foods. Definitely try their "Grilled Brieze", aka brie grilled cheese.

Rōka Wood Fired Pizza

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In the mood for some 'za? This food truck knows how to fire one up, that's for sure. Their handcrafted wood fired pizzas are absolutely fantastic, and will transport you to Italy.

The Purple Perogy

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Street food perogies are honestly amazing, and this Ukrainian food truck definitely knows how to serve them. Perogy poutine? Don't mind if I do! You seriously have to check this one off your list.