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When we think of Edmonton, we think of delicious restaurants, long bar lineups, LRT's, and generally a great city life. For those who live outside the city, not so much for their surroundings don't consist of large shopping malls, large crowds, and nightclubs. From Stony Plain, Leduc, Spruce Grove, all the way to Fort Saskatchewan, just thinking of the travel times it takes to get to the city, makes us think of all the gas money that we have to spend in order to reach our destination. We hope you packed a heavy lunch along with some carry-on luggage packed with extra articles of clothing and other necessities because you're in it for the long haul. It's not so much the destination, but the journey that it takes to get there.

If you're in a relationship with someone who lives in the towns provided above, then you have every right to call it long distance. We wanted to have some fun with this one and list 16 struggles that come with living outside of Edmonton. For anyone living outside of the city, we hope you can relate to this one.

Driving to Edmonton feels like a damn field trip.

Better bring your backpack because this is about to be grade 9 all over again. Don't forget to pack a decent lunch.

All of your friends live between 124th Street NW and 82nd Ave.

It's great to have a car for this one, but if you don't, well, hitch a ride or take a bus. If you refuse any of these options, then we can't help you.

You don't enjoy the city lifestyle that Edmonton has to offer.

The idea of being in a big city makes you feel claustrophobic in terms of population, crowds, lineups outside of clubs, and bad drivers.

But at the same time, you find the small town life to be boring.

You have no problem repping your area but, malls, new restaurants, and meeting new people sounds so much more fun.

None of your friends want to come visit you in Leduc.

Because for some people, 20 minutes is considered a road trip. This takes us back to the first point, be sure to pack something for the journey ahead.

There is no West Edmonton Mall, Southgate Mall, or Kingsway in your small town.

Unfortunately, you have to actually go to these malls for they are not gonna come to you.

LRT stands for what?

For today's lesson, LRT stands for Light Rail Transit that travels from Century Park to Clareview and now NAIT which goes past Rogers Arena. That's where they have all the Oilers games along with big music concerts.

You pretty much need to get your GDL ASAP.

Unless you want to spend the rest of your life hitching rides or riding the magic school bus everywhere.

When you do get your license, you officially become the early, early bird.

Drivers license? Check! Willingness to wake up at the crack of dawn to go to commute to the city? Errr!

You don't know how to drive the speed limit on Highway 216.

You can thank Anthony Henday Drive for this one.

Your bae doesn't live in Stony Plain.

If he/she lives in the city, then your relationship is definitely a long distance one.

Everybody assumes that if you live in Stony Plain, you live on a farm.

There are houses outside of the city you know! Not everyone in Stony Plain lives like Old MacDonald!

Getting rejected by schools or employers because you live out of their range.

The address on your application is a dead giveaway. Damn it!

Is "nightlife" even a word?

That little black dress in your closet, along with those new pumps probably won't ever see the light of day.

When you do want to go clubbing in Edmonton, you stress over who's going to drive you home.

After a night out at Studio 107, you politely ask the DD to give you a ride home. If your DD says no, bribe them with cash for gas money. HEADS UP: $20 is not going to cut it.

Vacation = Yay!  Travel time to get to Edmonton International Airport = Nay!

You say YASSS to that two week vacation to Maui which is right around the corner, but when it comes to travel time to get to the airport, you find yourself favoring a staycation instead.

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