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11 Things To Do In Edmonton This Weekend While The Sun Is Still Here

So much is waiting to be discovered!
11 Things To Do In Edmonton This Weekend While The Sun Is Still Here

Summer's in full swing this weekend in Edmonton. This means you've got to take advantage of these lovely sunny days and all that the city has to offer. Thankfully, there are so many things to do in Edmonton between Saturday, July 31 and Sunday, August 2 that you'll wish you'll have trouble deciding what do to. Pro tip: do it all. 

Edmonton's in for a hot weekend. Though heat warnings have been issued to other parts of the province, it won't get too bad in YEG.

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On Friday, you can expect a high of 27 C, whereas Saturday's temperatures are expected to see a high of 29 C, according to

Those are perfect summer temperatures and definitely call for exciting, fun, and refreshing activities. 

From heading to the trendiest ice cream shops to walking amongst sunflowers in beautiful farms on the outskirts of town, there's a lot for you to explore. 

Did you know that Edmonton has one of the biggest trail systems in North America? It's literally larger than Central Park, New York. 

So if you're not adventuring through these magical trails in your downtime, you're living the city all wrong. 

Thankfully, the coming weekend is the ideal time to get out and discover the city's best spots. Not a drop of rain, definitely no snow (though you can never be too sure), and plenty of sunlight to keep you feeling enchanted and positive. 

Visit The UofA Botanic Garden

Price: $18.75

Address: 51227 AB-60, Spruce Grove, AB

Why You Need To Go: This massive botanic garden just outside Edmonton is home to picturesque flowers, plants, and architecture, so of course, it makes for the ultimate day trip.

Check Out Vibrant Murals In Old Strathcona

Price: $20

When: 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on August 1

Address: 10322 83 Ave., N.W., Edmonton, AB

Why You Need To Go: These incredible, vivid murals on display in Edmonton's historic neighbourhood will add a pop of colour to your weekend.

Pick Fresh Raspberries At The Horse Hill Berry Farm

Price: $12+ per kilogram

Address: P 20304 33 St., N.E., Edmonton, AB

Why You Need To Go: Does anything scream Summer louder than picking ripe, juicy raspberries straight from a charming farm right outside town?

Have A Picnic At Hawrelark Park

Price: Free

Address: 9330 Groat Road, Edmonton, AB

Why You Need To Go: Edmonton's most beloved park has become the go-to picnic spot for locals, so why not lay out a blanket, grab some snacks, and soak up the sun all day long?

Explore Forest Trails At Mill Creek Ravine

Price: Free

Address: 96 Street & 76 Avenue, Edmonton, AB

Why You Need To Go: This lush area is home to so many trails and lookouts that you'll feel at one with nature right away.

Stroll Among Sunflowers at Prairie Gardens

Price: $5+

Address: 56311 Lily Lake Road, Bon Accord, AB

Why You Need To Go: This mega-farm just outside the city has everything: a massive pumpkin patch, animal viewing, sunflower fields, and plentiful fruit picking opportunities.

Have A Scenic Breakfast At Riverside Bistro

Price: $18+

Address: 1 Thornton Court, N.W., Edmonton, AB

Why You Need To Go: This restaurant's epic patio space in combination with its exquisite breakfast menu makes this an essential summer bucket list item.

See All The Cuties At The Edmonton Zoo

Price: $14.95

Address: 13315 Buena Vista Road & 87 Ave., N.W., Edmonton, AB

Why You Need To Go: Seeing how the zoo remains open to the public for just over four months each year, it's high time you make the trip down and admire the animals.

Go For A Stroll Down Saskatchewan Drive

Address: Saskatchewan Drive, Edmonton, AB

Why You Need To Go: This road just south of the river is packed with scintillating views of the city, whether you choose to take a daytime or midnight stroll.

Swing Your Worries Away At Brandy's Landing Swing

Address: 10843-10727 75 St. N.W., Edmonton, AB

Why You Need To Go: Explore Edmonton's river valley like never before on this otherworldly swing rocking over cool waters.

Eat The Most Unique Ice-Cream At Yelo'd

Price: đź’¸

Address: 10152 82 Ave., N.W., Edmonton, AB

Why You Need To Go: This Filipino-inspired dessert parlour makes everything with a decent helping of Ube, also known as purple yams — just the right sort of place to slip in for a scoop of ice-cream.

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