When it comes to road trips, Edmontonians are all over that sh*t! Whether it's to Banff, Canmore, Jasper or the Cross Iron Mills outlets on the way to Calgary, it’s always a lit time! Now driving there can take some time and we Edmontonians like to have a few rest stops along the way. The most common rest stop is in Red Deer!

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Even though it is a small town known for taking bathroom breaks at gas stations, there are some hidden gems, whether it's foodie spots or activities, we promise you will get a kick out of it! And listen, based on what we have seen on Instagram, everyone seems to enjoy taking photos in front of these cool gems. This small town deserves some love, can we all agree? Have a look at 11 unique spots to check out in Red Deer when you go on your next Alberta road trip.

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1. Coconut Room// 4924 50 St, Red Deer

Aloha! This cafe in Red Deer is filled with Hawaiian vibes! Come enjoy the tiki atmosphere and indulge in their nutritious salads, delicious stews and chicken curry!

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2. Blue Dragon Restaurant // 7611 49 Ave

Come check out this spot in Red Deer where you can get some of the best Thai and Cambodian dishes. From vermicelli bowls to all different kinds of curry.

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3. Donut Mill // 123 Leva Ave

If you’re making a pit stop and have a sweet tooth, look no further for the Donut Mill in Red Deer is your best friend. And the best part is, you can spot it from a mile away. How? Spot the mill!

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4. Traptows Cool Beans Coffee Company Inc. //  4740 50 Street

There is always going to be a seat on this bus! And not to mention that there’s food that will be served. Embrace your inner child whenever you come by the Traptows Cool Beans Coffee Company. Be sure to order the cuban sandwich.

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5. Peter’s Drive-In // 131 Leva Ave

Okay, this is probably the most common pit stop in Red Deer. Why? 1.) It’s a freakin diner! 2.) The food is freakin amazing! 3.) Umm, their milkshakes are worth the 4 hour drive itself.

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6. COBS Bread // 2004 50 Ave

This bakery is dedicated to making bread from scratch. All of their breads contain no preservatives, artificial flavors, as well as no sugar and dairy. Stop by on your next road trip and give em a try! Be sure to say hi to their staff!

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7. Babycakes Cupcakery // 144 Erickson Drive

If you have a sweet tooth, look no further for Babycakes Cupcakery in Red Deer is your best friend! It might be a long term relationship, but it will be worth it every time you visit!

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8. Dose Coffee Co. // 4912 50th Ave

If you need a quick energy boost from all that driving, stop by Dose Coffee Co. in Red Deer and fulfill your caffeine craving. Be sure to get a pastry for the road!

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9. Chill Out Cafe & Bakery // 4919 50 Street

Come chill out, literally! And where should you go? Go to Chill Out Cafe & Bakery!

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10. Brown's Socialhouse Clearhouse // 31 Clearview Market Way

Enjoy the chill vibes and atmosphere at Brown's Socialhouse Clearhouse in Red Deer! Indulge in some pub favorites such as burgers, pizzas, drinks and a weekend brunch. You'll definitely be filled up for the road ahead!

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11. Red Boar Smokery // 104-4916 50 Street

We encourage you to pull up to the Red Boar Smokery in Red Deer! Why? Well, take a look at their menu filled with savory sandwiches filled with savory pork, beef, and sausage. We guarantee you'll be full, even when you reach your final destination.

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12. Burger Boy // 6005 54 Ave

Indulge in the ultimate road lunch at Burger Boy. We know the name gives it away in terms of food served, but we are told that they have the best milkshakes in all of Red Deer.