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11 Unique Things You Must Do In Edmonton Before Fall Ends

"Fall" in love with fall.
11 Unique Things You Must Do In Edmonton Before Fall Ends

Fall—the prettiest of all the seasons (and yes, I do say this about every season). But you’ve got to admit that it’s absolutely entrancing to be surrounding by all the fall hues (mixed in with a little shade of white--thanks for the early snowfall Edmonton ?). The air is crisp and fresh. The food/drinks are deliciously cinnamon/nutmeg/pumpkin-flavoured. There’s Halloween and Thanksgiving to keep you entertained (I don’t know why I’m listing the holidays, of course you already know when they are…they happen every year)!

Unfortunately, fall turns into winter way sooner than we’d like (I mean, it did already snow before Thanksgiving ?). So I’m going to help you make the most of this wonderful season, and give you a list of 11 unique (and fun) things to do in Edmonton before fall is over (because remember…winter is coming).

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Get stupid lost at the Edmonton Corn Maze.

With a different maze design every year, you and your friends can solve clues that will help you find your way out. Don’t worry though, if you can’t solve the clues or are directionally-challenged like I am, there are people in the maze that will lead you in the right direction (so no, you won’t be stuck there forever).

Sept 6 - Oct 23 (special fall hours)

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Get scared s#!tless at Deadmonton Haunted House. 

This aint your average haunted house. It is incredibly well planned and so insanely scary, that you will feel like you’re in an actual horror movie (and for some of you, that's a good thing). So if you’re seeking an adrenaline rush, I highly suggest this! *warning: nightmares may ensue

Sept 30 - Nov 5 (open on specific days and hours)

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Channel your inner paranormal investigator on an Edmonton Ghost Tour.

Explore the “haunted” history of places in Edmonton on a guided tour. You’ll learn a lot about Canada’s past and unlike in your other history class(es), you definitely won’t want to fall asleep.

Oct 3 - 31 (dates and times vary dependent on specific tour locations)

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Immerse yourself in fall activities at the Prairie Gardens and Adventure Farm.

Enjoy the haunted pumpkin festival, take a fire roasters cooking class, or explore another corn maze! It's a bit of a drive out of the city, but the options for activities over here are plentiful this season!

Oct 1 - 30 (haunted pumpkin festival)

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Get spooked at Fort Edmonton Park’s Spooktacular Event.

Tour through the different Penny Dreadful-themed “streets”. They get more terrifying as you continue to travel “back in time” (bring an extra pair of pants…just in case). There's also a family friendly version of this, for those of us that aren't as brave (i.e. me).

Oct 21 - 22 family friendly; Oct 28 adult only

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Also at Fort Edmonton Park, be sure to check out "Dead Center of Town".

It's a live-action horror performance. If you are a fan of theater, then this is a great activity for you! Especially since you'll also be able to enjoy the Halloween-centered theme of scaaarrrryyyy things (extra letters = extra spooky)

Oct 21 - 23 and Oct 26 - 31

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Capture photos of all the colorful leaves on the River Valley Trails (just kidding--there's snow now).

When the leaves change color, the Instagram likes roll in! However, considering the leaves fell super fast this year and it snowed—your photos will have to be of the leaves already on the ground. You can wear your favourite shoes and get them in the photo as well! There's certainly something picture-worthy about the light dusting of feathery snow on all the fallen leaves and tree branches.

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Take a coffee course at Transcend.

Coffee is enjoyed year-round, but with the chilly weather, comes an even greater desire for this hot beverage. So why not take your love of coffee that extra step, and learn a bit more of the drink that so many of us cannot go without (coffee=life force).

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Go through an exciting (scary) sensory experience at Simulation Events.

Their inaugural Fear Factor-Halloween Horror Experience is not for the squeamish or faint of heart. Test your ability to cope with high stress/ absolutely terrifying scenarios.

Oct 26 - Oct 31

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Attend a late night art party at the AGA’s “Refinery Dance Macabre/Dance of the Dead” event.

This is one way to stay classy during the fall/Halloween craze. So get a kick-a$$ costume together and head over to this gorgeous venue ASAP!

Oct 29

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Hear ghost stories at the Fireside Ghost Experience.

While you’re riding in a luxurious limobus that is designed to look like the inside of a cozy cabin, you can hear chilling (and entertaining) stories while you’re being driven to the various haunted locales! So it’s basically a fancier “travelling” campfire experience. Sounds like a tonne of fun to me!

Oct 7 - Nov 11

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