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12 Spots To Hit In Edmonton To Meet Your Next Boyfriend

Stop looking for love in the wrong places!
12 Spots To Hit In Edmonton To Meet Your Next Boyfriend

Look, we've all tried dating apps and websites at least once. We try it for a week and then we delete the app and/or unsubscribe from receiving emails about how the "perfect one is waiting for you." Just seems a little unrealistic these days. The number of "hey cutie" or "wyd tonight" has left me wanting to stay home every Friday night. And what's worst is that when you finally get up and go out on a Friday night, you run into that guy who sent you that "hey cutie" or "wyd tonight" text and you have to come up with a lie on the spot as to why you didn't respond. Gets a little tiring doesn't it ladies?

Instead of sulking under your covers on a Friday night, get yourself together, delete those dating apps and get go physically put yourself out there. Edmonton has quickly become a hot-spot in terms of new restaurants, events, and overall lifestyle, it would be a shame not to use them to your advantage when it comes to meeting guys. Have a look below at 12 spots where you can meet a guy, don't be afraid to switch up your routine since the more you step out of your comfort zone, the better luck you'll have!

Edmonton Sport And Social Club, Duh!

Men love to watch sports, and men love to play sports. Ladies, tie up those laces, throw on some comfy gear, tie your hair back and join the Edmonton Sport and Social Club. You can sign up online where you will come across a variety of sports such as basketball, volleyball, dodgeball and more. When you score that three pointer, you might even score a high-five from Mr.Cutie on your team. *Wink, wink.*

 Cycling At YEG Cycle Spin Studio

When it comes to fitness, athletic men do not play around when it comes to their physique, nor do they mind sweating a little bit. And sweat on a man is kinda sexy, right ladies? Hit up YEG Cycle located on Whyte Ave where you can get your sweat on in just 50 minutes by riding one of many top-of-the-line bikes coordinated by an inspirational instructor. With all the lights and music going on throughout the class, you might spot your match getting his spin on, therefore giving you the motivation to keep going and to talk to him after class.

 The Art Gallery of Alberta

There's nothing more enjoyable than looking at a Warhol painting at the Art Gallery of Alberta and turning around only to see another beautiful art piece, this time in human form. Be sure to contain yourselves ladies because you can't use your outside voices in an art gallery. If you do spot Mr. Handsome, build up the courage to approach him and talk art. He will not only be flattered, but he will be in awe of your knowledge. The Edmonton Art Gallery is also well known for their events and fundraisers, so you might just meet him there too!

Sipping Wine At Wine Fest

Better get your tickets now because it looks like Wine Fest will be taking place this coming February on the 17th and 18th at the Shaw Conference Centre. Thousands of Edmontonians to come out and sample some of the finest new wines. After a long day work, we imagine the guys like to unwind with some booze whether at a local bar or a suave event such as this one. Either way, this is the perfect setting! Maybe this event will give us ladies some liquid courage to go up and spark a convo!

The Harvest Room

The Harvest Room is located inside Edmonton’s Fairmont Hotel MacDonald that overlooks the North Saskatchewan River. With this restaurant comes a warm atmosphere and features specialties such as Alberta beef, fresh produce, fine wines, and not to mention the handsome men draped in tailored suits that sit from across the bar.

Attend A UrbanYEG Insta Meet

If you love photography or want to learn more about what your camera can do, come to an UrbanYEG insta meet founded by Chan Rin. The goal of Rin's movement is to create a space for young Edmontonians to get in touch with their creative side and collaborate with other photographers. Each meet is in a secret location announced via their Instagram page. You never know, a special someone from the group will want to collaborate and get to know more about your camera, but more importantly.. about you.

 At Yoga Class

Ladies, it's okay to be stressed out! Whether due to work, friendships, deadlines, appointments, it's a lot to take in. Why not take that vinyasa yoga class at you've been wanting to attend for the past month at Yogalife Studios  and release that toxic energy. When you come up from downward dog and come into the cobra pose, look around the room because there might be a young lad there attending the class for the same stress reasons.

 104 Street Farmer's Market

Join the Edmonton crowd in the summer on 104th street for the farmer's market where you will find fresh fruit, ready to eat meals, local meat, and local eye candy. But don't let the winter blues get to you, the farmer's market accommodates an indoor atmosphere thanks to City Hall from October to May. Don't forget to bring your cloth grocery bags!

At A November Project Canada Fitness Group

If any of you ladies are runners and enjoy a good sprint through the River Valley, why not challenge yourself a bit further by joining an Edmonton fitness group? If your answer is "yes," then check out the November Project Canada Fitness Group, it was originally founded in Boston but has made its way to Edmonton. Runners meet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to embark on runs throughout the city. Not only is it fun, but you get to meet new people along the way. Who knows, you might meet a new running buddy!

 Hip-Hop Karaoke Night At 9910

With hip-hop being the primary genre among the millennial crowd, and with 9910 being the Friday night hot spot, why not use it to bring Edmonton's hip-hop community together and allow them to channel their inner Jay-Z. Ladies, round up the girls for the guy performing that Jay-Z track, is always looking for his Beyoncé.

 At An Edmonton Fashion Show (Western Canada Fashion Week and/or PARKSHOW)

Whether you're sitting front row at Western Canada Fashion Week or waiting in line at the lobby to get a  drink at PARKSHOW, that special guy could be amongst the crowd. Heck, he might even compliment you on your outfit and ask you what a chiffon dress is. Either way, it will spark a fashionable conversation!

 Dinner En Blanc

Grab your all white outfit and engage in the largest picnic that you'll ever witness in your life!Dinner En Blanc is a picnic that takes place in a public setting where Edmontonians can come together and meet for a "chic picnic" inspired by French culture and glamour. It a truly magical event and you are guaranteed to meet some magical people. Ladies, we challenge you to name one man who doesn't look good in an all white outfit! Don't worry, we'll wait.

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