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12 Things To Do With Your BFF This Spring In Edmonton

1 pit stop away from summer.
12 Things To Do With Your BFF This Spring In Edmonton

We can't believe we are saying this Edmonton, but spring is officially here! With the snow melting, and the grass finally revealing itself to the world, we could not be happier. Edmontonians have suffered enough through those long and weary winters and we deserve better! Time to embark on a new seasonal relationship filled with twice the fun, and we can replace those heavy parkas with leather jackets.

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Of course with the change in weather and fashion choices, we want to touch base on all the fun activities that come with the spring season. Now, these aren't the kind of activities that we recommend that you do by yourself since it is always fun enjoy these activities with some friendly company. What's fun without bringing your BFF? Seriously, they've seen you at your best and your worst and they will always be there to capture the moment for you to put on snapchat with the Edmonton filter. Without further ado, we present to you 12 fun things in Edmonton that you can do with your BFF.

Hit up SideQuests for a sweet escape

The folks at SideQuests are guaranteed to grant you and your BFF the challenge of a lifetime! Use your logic and problem-solving skills while searching for the next clue to help you escape. Warning, you both have to complete in a limited amount of time.

Hit up Canmore

Grab your bestie, hop in your car and make that drive down to Canmore, Alberta. You get to enjoy the mountain air, snap some inspiring pics, and check out some cute shops. We promise the fudge will be worth the trip.

Catch a show at the Winspear Centre

Located in the Downtown core of Edmonton, grab your bestie for a night out of musical arts. Switch up the music style a little bit for the both of you, doesn't hurt to step out of your musical comfort zone.

Theatre night at the Citadel

Now that spring is here, time to check out some cool plays! And what better spot to choose from is the Citadel Theatre for this spot never fails when it comes to checking out new plays. We suggest that you and your BFF dress up for this one!

Visit the Telus World of Science

Known as the best science center in all of Edmonton, you and your BFF will get to enjoy a day full of fun and scientific facts. We've been told that there will be an Angry Birds exhibit coming up! Don't lie, you know you've downloaded the app before.

Attend Western Canada Fashion Week

It's the most fashionable time of the year! We mean that in the most literal way possible for this marks the 25th season of  Western Canada Fashion Week at the ATB Arts Barns. With so many local designers showcasing their upcoming collections on the runway, this may inspire you and your BFF to take a shopping trip.

Cafe Cafe in Edmonton?

You might want to note this one on your calendar. Why? Well, turns out there will be a Cat Cafe opening in Edmonton on Whyte Ave and 101 Street. It is said to launch on March 30th! So you and your BFF can stop by the cafe, have some coffee and pet some furry felines. Click here for more information about the Cat Cafe.

Antique Mall anyone?

Grab your bestie and take a trip down memory lane to the Old Strathcona Antique Mall. Wanna know what kinda stuff your grandparents were into? Well, you'll see just that at this mall. From retro tables, record players, 1950's coke bottles all the way to fur jackets. Make sure you two have the day off!

Kick some axe at Bad Axe Throwing 

We mean this in the most literal way possible! Yes, there is such thing as axe throwing! Whether you and your BFF are stressed from all those school assignments or want to let off some steam after finals, axe throwing is your friend!

Muttart Conservatory anyone?

With the spring season warming our souls, why not get in touch with its essence by surrounding ourselves with nature. Not in terms of walks in the River Valley, but under one of the four pyramids at the Muttart Conservatory. Don't forget to snap some pics of your BFF gazing through the forest for the gram.

Visit the Lotus Art Gallery

If you and your BFF are feeling uninspired, hit up Edmonton's Lotus Art Gallery and visually indulge in some creative art. It's always fun trying new things together, and we think that the Lotus Gallery is the perfect place to start!

Catch a local show at the Starlite Room

With spring upon is, that means more local shows to check out! Now you and your BFF don't have to brace the cold when waiting outside of the Starlite Room to watch an upcoming act. Be sure to take a photo in the tunnel upon your entry to showcase your night out!

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