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19 Edmonton Bars With Cheap Drinks To Get You Tipsy In Record Time

Happy hour is the best hour!
19 Edmonton Bars With Cheap Drinks To Get You Tipsy In Record Time

Whether it is after a hard days work or you're wanting to go out with the squad for drinks, it can often be tricky in terms of deciding on which spot you want to hit up. This is where the term "happy hour' comes into play, let's define the term shall we!

Happy hour: a period of the day when drinks are sold at a reduced price at a restaurant or bar.

Happy hour in Edmonton usually starts early in the afternoon and can last for three hours, or go into the wee hours of the night. It's not like we are complaining or anything because let's be real every hour in a day should be happy hour. You never know, things might start to change since we are in the new year.

For now, we are going to help you pick a happy hour spot so that the next time you get hit with a heavy workload, you'll know where to go afterward. Have a look at 19 spots in Edmonton that host the best happy hour drink specials.

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MKT Beer Market // 8101 Gateway Blvd

Happy Hour: every day of the week

  • $5 featured rotational tap, $5 okanagan spring 1516 and pale ale, 60 beers on tap for $4, $5 Alberta taps, $5 caesars

via @nicolededouglas

Earls // 11830 Jasper Ave (multiple locations)

Happy Hour: everyday from 3-6pm / 9pm-close

  • $2.75 rhino sleeves, $2.75 signature Highballs, $5 rhino pints, $5 rascal red & white wine, $5 cans of red bull, $7 moscow mule, $7 mojito!
  • Food prices starting at 2.75 during happy hour

via @thecommonyeg

The Common // 9910 109 St NW

Happy Hour: everyday from open to close. Each day has a different special.

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Famoso // 11750 Jasper Avenue NW (multiple locations)

Happy Hour: Monday – Thursday 2–5pm / 8:30pm – close. Friday 2– 5pm.

  • Cocktails + highballs 1 oz $4.95, red and white wine $4.95, craft + domestic beer sleeve 4.95

via @tyjmurray

Black Dog Freehouse // 10425 82 Ave

Happy Hour: Monday - Friday 2-7pm

  • $3.75 highballs, $3.75 beer bottles, $5.75 Guinness, $4 Premium bottles, $3.75 Draughts

via @situationbeer

Beer Revolution // 11736 104 Avenue

Happy Hour: Monday-Friday 4-6pm

  • 4 beers, 4 snacks for $5, 4 select $5 beers, select $5 wine

via @rissa.lyn

The Bothy Wine & Whiskey Bar // 5482 Calgary Trail

Happy Hour: everyday from 3-6pm

  • $6 Scottish beer, $5 highballs, 1/2 off select wine bottles every Wednesday.

via @never_wise

The Tavern on Whyte // 10507 82 Ave

Happy Hour: everyday from 2-6pm

  • $4 Domestic bottles, $4 hi-balls, $4.50 shooters

via @renee_lacenaire

Julio's Barrio // 10450 82

Happy Hour: all day, everyday

  • $1 off all margaritas, 4 Mexican beer buckets for $22 or $5.50 each, original bulldog for $11.95, $5.75 sangria,

via @mandy_leee_

CRAFT Beer Market // 10013 101A Ave NW

Happy Hour: Monday-Friday 3-6pm & Sunday all day.

  • $4 Alberta beers, hi-balls and wine on tap

via @nomiyajapan

 Nomiya Restaurant // 11160 Ellerslie Road, Edmonton (more than one location)

Happy Hour: 4:30:-6:30pm

  • $4 Sapporo draft, $4 Asahi draft, $6 Hitachino draft, $3 domestic, $3 ramune pop

via @centralsocialhall

Central Social Hall // 10909 Jasper Avenue

Happy Hour: Monday-Thursday all day / Fridays 4-6pm / Weekends all day

  • Monday-Thursday: $4 bottles of sol, $10 steins, $3 wine on tap, $4 draft beer,
  • Friday: $4 domestic draft, hi-balls, and select wine.
  • Weekends: $5 sangria and bellinis

via @highleveldiner

Highlevel Diner // 10912 88 Ave NW

Happy Hour: all day, everyday

  • $4 pint of traditional ale, $4 gluten free beer, $4.95 Canadian craft beer, $4.95 wine, $6.96 long island iced tea (2oz), $25 wine bottles, $4.95 caesars

via @baselinewine

LUX Steakhouse + Bar // 10150 101 Street

Happy Hour: Tuesday-Thursday all day

  • $3 sparkling cocktails and 6oz glass of Prosecco, 1/2 on wine, $3 select martinis, $5 select cocktails

via @lionsandmags

BLVD Bar & Kitchen // 10765 Jasper Ave

Happy Hour: Friday 3-7pm

  • $3 draught beer, $4 highballs, $5 house wines, 1 free appy

via @joeyrestaurants

JOEYS // South Edmonton Common (more than one location)

Happy Hour: everyday 3-6pm

  • $5 gin & tonic, $5 sangria, $4 genuine draft, $5 cuvée jean paul blanc & rouge (6oz)

via @thedenizenhall

Denizen Hall // 10311 103 Ave

Happy Hour: everyday 5-7 pm

  • $5 Pints

via @hahaninja

The Pint // 10125 109 Street (more than one location)

Happy Hour: Monday-Friday 3-7pm

  • $4 highballs, $3.50 Domestic / $4.50 Import, $6 Pints of Stella & Guinness

via @icehouseyeg

Rocky Mountain Ice House // 10516 Jasper Avenue

Happy Hour: Monday-Saturday all day

  • $5 1oz signature cocktails, $2 off all pints from Canada, $2 off all whiskey, 1/2 off bottles of wine,
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