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13 Best Places In Edmonton To Find Food For Under $6

Hungry for some savings
13 Best Places In Edmonton To Find Food For Under $6

With an exciting restaurant scene in YEG, it’s hard to resist the temptation of going out for food all the time. Foodies on a tight budget have an even harder battle (eating out is $$$ ?). Sometimes your busy work schedule/ student life, doesn’t allow for that extra time to cook at home (plus not all of us are a Chrissy Teigen in the kitchen). And maybe, on top of being're just lazy AF (I can relate).

So when you want to take advantage of the amazing food options in the city, and don’t want to break the bank—we have some options for you! Here is a list of some of the best places in Edmonton to find food for under $6.

Sugarbowl // 10922 88 Ave.

Sugarbowl has a must-try cinnamon roll for under $5. It’s the perfect combination of sugar and carbs that you can count on to brighten up your day (carbs= happiness).

High Voltage Food and Coffee Bar // 10387 63 Ave. NW

There’s a lot of debate over which restaurant sells the best donairs in the city. I’m not going to get involved in this heated debate because there’s a ton of great places (and I don’t want to make any enemies). However, for $6, you are able to get a tasty donair that won’t empty your wallet.

Fat Franks // 10329 82 Ave (More Locations)

There’s a lot of options here for under or around the $5 mark. So if you’re in the mood for hot dogs served with local love and an affordable price tag, head to a Fat Franks location now. They’re definitely a step (or several steps) above your average street meat vendor.

Sunbake Pita // 10728 134 Ave

If you haven’t already, you have to try out Sunbake Pita. With a lot of their menu items under $5, this is the perfect place for foodies on a budget. So good. You won’t regret this (or you will, but we can agree to disagree right?).

Fife N’ Dekel // 9114 51 Ave (More Locations)

Edmonton has its fair share of great joints to grab a delicious slice of pie. However, for only $3.25-$3.75, you’re able to satisfy your pie craving at a price that will also satisfy your desire to not be in debt. It’s a win-win situation for you.

Uncle Ed’s // 4824 118 Ave

If you’re craving pierogis (perogies/whichever other name or spelling you know them by) or Ukrainian food in general, this is a great place to visit. With quite a few options under $6, there’s going to be something on the menu for you.

Commodore // 10712 Jasper Ave

Every city has their go-to greasy spoon diners, and this one is popular among Edmontonians. For around the $6 mark, you can indulge in comforting diner-style food and desserts (Chinese food is also on the menu).

Nomiya // 3803 Calgary Trail (More Locations)

If you’re craving a snack, all of Nomiya’s mini don buri’s are under $5 (you can choose to add more toppings depending on how far you want to stretch your budget). It’s a great option for when your friends want to grab ramen, but you’re trying to keep your spending in the single-digits range (do try and sneak in a few sips of your buddy’s ramen order though).

The Common // 9910 109 St

Head to The Common for their happy hour special (between 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays). They have tandoori fries ($6) and truffle popcorn ($4) on their menu. Being frugal never tasted so good.

Duchess Bake Shop // 10718 124 St

Macarons, brioches, cookies?? You can find a variety of goodies that will satisfy your sweet tooth for under $6. Just be sure to have some self-control when visiting, cause you’re going to want to buy everything you see.

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El Cortez // 8230 Gateway Blvd.

Make Tuesday evenings a lot more enjoyable, by celebrating the wonderful event that is Taco Tuesdays at El Cortez (available from 4 p.m.- 2 a.m.). For tacos at $3 each, you can get 2 for $6 (I’d like to thank first-year calculus for that quick and accurate math... or grade 1).

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I Love Sushi // 10106 105 St

Head to I Love Sushi and get a maki roll (6 pieces) for under $6. This is great for those that don’t want their love of sushi to overtake their love of not being broke (don’t mind my poorly worded attempt at humour).

The Pint // 8032 104 St (More Locations)

They have a great Wednesday wing night special. For 40 cents a wing, you’ll have the perfect excuse to use your awesome math skills or a calculator (cause we’re millennials), and order as many wings as you possibly can for $6 and under. They offer 40-way wings i.e. 40 different sauce/flavor options. Just think of the possibilities!

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