Dessert, Dessert, Dessert! The most desirable meal of the day. The time to get in our sugar fix and not necessarily feel guilty about it. Okay, maybe we'll feel a little guilty about it. But I promise you, these foodgasms will definitely be able to suppress any food guilt that may arise.

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Edmonton has tons of bakeries, ice cream shops, cookie shops and more that will definitely make your dessert worth while. From donuts to cupcakes, milkshakes and beyond... we might need to get ready to put on a couple pounds. However, these junk foods are worth every single delicious calorie.

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Wild on Whyte Cupcake

Where to get it: Flirt Cupcakes // 10158 82 Ave NW

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Birthday Cake Donut

Where to get it: Moonshine Doughnuts // @moonshinedoughnuts

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Maple Walnut Cruller

Where to get it: The Art of Cake // 11811 105 Ave

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Rose Macaron

Where to get it: Duchess Bake Shop // 10718 124 St NW

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Passionfruit Chocolate Donut

Where to get it: Doughnut Party // 10938 119 St NW

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Fruit Crumble

Where to get it: Upper Crust Cafe // 10909 86 Ave NW

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Raspberry White Chocolate Tart

Where to get it: Wild Earth Bakery & Cafe // 8902 99 St NW

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Chocolate Cheesecake Cupcake

Where to get it: Fuss Cupcakes // 9637 167 Ave NW

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Vanilla Maple Cream Cake Bomb

Where to get it: Whimsical Cake Studio // 8716 109 St NW

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Strawberry Milkshake

Where to get it: Route 99 Diner // 8820 99 St NW

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Cinammon Bun Donut

Where to get it: Take 5 // 11801 48 St NW

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"Cookies n Cream" Ice Cream Sandwiches

Where to get it: Cookie Love // 10235 101 Street #142

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Wet Paint Ice Cream

Where to get it: PA Peterson Ice Cream // 13303 137 Ave