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13 Edmonton Places To Take Your Significant Other That Will Gain You Their Love Forever

Dates are supposed to be fun (although some of them are ?)! But maybe…just maybe, we want to step outside the usual dinner/movie option. Not that it isn’t a great option (because food = love), but even if you are grabbing food, you can always add a unique element to the mix to change things up.

Luckily for you Edmontonians, there are many other fun things you can do while enjoying time with your significant other. So I’ve come up with a few ideas that will help you win over their hearts, and make them love you forever and ever. Note: It also really helps to be a good person. I’ve heard that's important in maintaining a healthy relationship too.

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1) Launchpad // 6142 - 50th Street NW

Jump your way to eternal love at this super cool indoor trampoline park. You can show off your sweet slam dunk skillzzz at the basketball court here (most likely the only place you’re actually able to dunk successfully--thanks to a “jump” start (HA!).

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2) Metro Cinema at the Garneau Theatre // 8712 109 St NW

I know I said to step outside of the common date stuff—but this isn’t a normal movie experience, I promise. First of all, Garneau Theatre is full of old-timey charm, and its vintage vibe will transport you and your date to the “good ol’ days” (why those days were so good…I do not know). Also, they have a ‘Saturday Morning All-You-Can-Eat Cereal Cartoon Party’! So you can start your date early, and act like the kid you still wish you were (because adulting can be so exhausting).

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 3) Silver Skate Festival // Hawrelak Park, 9330 Groat Rd.

When February rolls in and you’re so over winter (I’m already over it, and it hasn’t even begun), cheer up your significant other with a romantic skate date (rhyming intentional), at this lovely FREE festival. Dress up warmly and spend the day gliding around beautiful ice sculptures, all while forgetting about the fact that you’re freezing cold.

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4) Muttart Conservatory // 9626 96a St NW

Spend a few hours walking around Edmonton’s famous glass pyramids. These botanical gardens are so ridiculously pretty! You’ll be able to stroll around with your S.O.…perhaps hand in hand (cheesy, I know ?), and appreciate all the beautiful plants/flowers around you.

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5) Fort Edmonton Park // 7000 143 St.

Take your S.O. on a journey back in time. With steam trains, helpful staff (dressed up in clothing from the time period), and much more, you’re sure to have a lovely time enjoying a bit of Edmonton’s history. This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “love through the ages”.

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6) La Ronde Revolving Restaurant // 10111 Bellamy Hill Rd NW

Okay, so yes—I’m including a dinner option, BUT this one has a cool feature! It’s a revolving restaurant.Located on the 24th floor of Chateau Lacombe Hotel, you and your S.O. can indulge in some great food, while taking in the amazing views. And no, you will not get dizzy.

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7) Table Top Café // 10235 124 Street (more than one location)

Bring out one another’s competitive spirits, by spending some time at this wonderful board game café. With tonnes of board game options, you can choose a game that you will both enjoy. And yes, I said both—cause it’s not always about you.

8) The Bothy Wine and Whiskey Bar // 5482 Calgary Trail NW

With a well-rounded collection of wine and whiskey, you can spend the night sipping on some top quality drinks. And check out their website to see if they have any upcoming whiskey tasting events! Your S.O. will love you for this. And you know what they say, "those who get drunk together, stay together" (I made this's not a thing).

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9) Elk Island // 35 Km East of Edmonton

Grab your date and drive out of the city to Elk Island. It’s home to many bison, elk and other animals! So you may even get to spot some wildlife while you enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. It’s a quick and fun getaway for all!

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10) Escape City // 5916 104 St NW

Race the clock together at this incredibly fun escape room. You’ll have tonnes of fun solving the clues, and seeing how well you can work with one another. This is relationship building at its finest, folks.

*GTFO Escape Entertainment is also amazing but unfortunately has not reopened since the fire.

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11) Vertically Inclined Rock Gym // 8523 Argyll Rd NW

Conquer your fear of heights together at this popular rock gym. And if neither are you are scared of heights, then you can challenge each other to finish the various walls. Your S.O. will be thankful for the physically demanding but incredibly exhilarating experience.

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12) YEG Food Crawl // Check website for location

Instead of defaulting on the usual restaurant experience, you and your S.O. can enjoy a dish from several restaurant stops during the food crawl. Check online to see when the next food crawl will be!

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13) Block 1912 // 10361 Whyte Ave.

The key to my—I mean, your S. O’s heart, could very well be a warm and creamy hot chocolate, especially on a chilly day. So you should take them to Block 1912, for a delicious beverage that will gain you their love forever.

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