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14 Signs That He's An Edmonton Fvckboy

Ladies, we've all dealt with one!
14 Signs That He's An Edmonton Fvckboy

We've discussed them via text, on the phone, over snapchat, and in person while consuming chocolate and wine. If we had a dollar for every time a shitty guy has been brought up in a conversation, we would have enough money to pay for a round trip to Vegas. The term is fuckboy, fuck boy, or fucc boi depending on your choice of spelling the term. A fuck boy or fucc boi is a little tricky to defining since the term itself is so broad.

Fuck boy/ Fuck boi/ Fucc boy: a man who is the lowest form of vile since he seeks enjoyment in manipulating others to get what he wants, no matter how many people he screws over. He's usually very handsome, dresses well, and looks great on the outside. However, once you get to know him, you'll be wondering why you even gave him a chance in the first place. Don't let those good looks fool you!

It's times like these, we wish there was such thing as f*ckboy repellent- we would be spraying that stuff everywhere. Hopefully, in 2017, someone will invent a way to take care of this ongoing problem. Till then, here are 14 signs that you're dealing with an Edmonton f*ckboy, we advise you to go with your gut and run if you come across any of these red flags since it's not worth the headache and heartache.

He's probably offended by this article.

And he'll most likely write in the comment section about how much he despises the person who wrote it, followed by him complaining about how he's been so used by women and how they toy with his emotions. Boy bye!

He'll most likely be hanging out at the same local bar on either Whyte Ave or Jasper Avenue.

Beware, fuckboys like to travel in packs, and his friends are just like him. Sometimes the groups will even travel to both locations in one night.

He says that he likes you, but hits on your friend behind your back.

This point alone screams FUCKBOY! Maybe this should've been the first point.

He's on snapchat... a lot.

And the majority of people who are on his snapchat, are women. He claims that they are all his friends and have Friday night study sessions at the University of Alberta campus. Hmmm, right!

He plays football or hockey... and yes, the Edmonton Oilers and Eskimos do count.

He either plays one of these sports or knows someone who plays them.

He tells you what he thinks he wants you to hear.

The second you confront him about his lies, he'll say "oh you're right" or "I'll change" Just know that if he does, that doesn't stop him from going back to his fuckboy ways.

He'll never take you to MEAT or The Marc, since he doesn't want to be seen with you in public.

He always has an excuse as to why you two can't be seen together. If you want to go to Cafe Mosaics for some vegan pho, he say's he's 'busy', or pulls another lame excuse out of his hat. You later see him at Black Dog that same night. He's either got a side piece, or you're the side piece. We advise that you run at this point.

He'll always want to hang out in southside Edmonton.

This relates to the previous point, the reason he chose to hang out with you in southside is because he doesn't want to be in a hype spot where his friends/lady friends will see you two out together.

He only likes you between 12 a.m. - 3 a.m.

He'll ignore all your daytime texts but will send you that "wyd" or "come thru" text late at night. Oh, and DMs also count.

His phone is constantly blowing up with notifications.

Whether it's about a party that his wolf pack of fuckboys are hosting on Friday in Downtown Edmonton or he's DMing his side piece "wyd." This point alone is often hard to read. Snapchat, Instagram, Instagram messages, Facebook, Facebook Messenger are all prime examples of this type of communication.

He'll ask you to come out for wing night at Brewsters just so you can drive him and his friend around afterward. And no, you're not invited to the after party.

After wing night Tuesday at Brewsters, he'll tell you that he will be going to chill with a couple of friends in Millwoods and asks you to drive you and his homie there. You oblige and upon arrival, he doesn't bother to invite you inside and introduce you. Ladies, if this happens to you, charge him for gas money! We guarantee he will switch up on you.

He says that you two should grab coffee at Leva but he never initiates an actual date and time.

If you ask him the date and time for your coffee date, he'll give you the silent treatment, even after he reads your message.

He doesn't respond to your text message, yet watches your Snapchat stories.

Please raise your hand if this has happened to you. Snapchat, we are forever thankful for you, and the fact that you have an Edmonton filter as well!

He makes jokes about women's club attire.

10 minutes after the jokes, he's over there mackin' on her. SMFH.

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