14 Edmonton Coffee Shops You Should Go To At Least Once In Your Life

"You can do it" - Coffee

Many Edmontonians have come to rely on that extra jolt of energy (and happiness) received from a cup of coffee. With an expansive local café scene, you can ensure that your coffee intake is a pleasure for your senses and not just a form of self-medication.

Although the options for outstanding coffee in Edmonton seem endless, we’ve made a list of great cafes that you should go to at least once in your life.

Little Brick Café And General Store // 10004-90 St. NW

Is this a house or a café? I cannot tell. Set right in the middle of a residential area, little Brick offers quality coffee in the “homiest” of settings. The interior design here is on point, which is probably why it also doubles as an event space (available for rentals). P.S. order their rice pudding to go along with your latte. You will not regret it (or you will…because you will forever be craving it afterwards).

Iconoklast Koffiehuis // 11807b-105 Ave. or 11523-100 Avenue

Set in Edmonton’s Brewery District, the piping hot coffee is wonderfully complimented by the stripped-down, industrial-styled design of the café. This independent roaster will not disappoint your coffee-loving taste buds.

Café Leva // 11053-86 Avenue NW

Located in the heart of Garneau, Leva offers up a mean cappuccino. Definitely try this place out if you’ve been craving artisanal, Italian-style coffee. If you aren’t within walking distance, parking may be hard to find. However, I guarantee that the pastries, pizza, and coffee are totally worth circling around the block in a frenzied and desperate search for an open spot to park.

Remedy // 10279 Jasper Avenue (multiple locations)

Although known mostly for their chai tea, I’ve added it to this list of coffeeshops because their coffee is delightful as well. With lots of Pakistani and Indian food pairings, and delicious pastries, they cement themselves as a local gem. Visit any of their locations.

Coffee Bureau // 10505 Jasper Avenue

Friendly staff and great lattes can be found at this downtown café. Visit Coffee Bureau for a cheery (and yummy) addition to your week.

Credo // 10134-104 St and 10350-124 St.

With two locations, Credo is a wonderful option for those in need of their caffeine fix. Just remember to take a moment to appreciate the latte art (obviously, only if you actually ordered a latte).

Farrow Sandwiches // 8422-109 St.

As the name suggests, they do indeed serve sandwiches. What the name does not suggest, are the delicious pour-overs you can also purchase and then enjoy... perhaps with a sandwich.

Bru Coffee And Beerhouse // 11965 Jasper Avenue NW

Have you ever experienced the dilemma where your friends all want to grab a beer, but all you want is a coffee? In other words, they are looking to get turnt while you just want to stay awake (I regret using the word turnt and make no promises that I won't use it again). The aptly named Bru Coffee and Beerhouse, will make this decision easier, as you have a selection of craft beers and great coffee all in one location.

District Coffee Co. // #101, 10011-109 St.

With great food options (I still have dreams about the Waffle Benny), District Coffee Co. is a sleek looking café that will serve up your morning cup of joe (note to self: I’m incapable of saying “cup of joe” without sounding like a tool).

Transcend Coffee // 8708-109 St. (multiple locations)

This is the first café I visited when I moved to Edmonton, and I was highly impressed not only by the latte I ordered, but by the friendly and knowledgeable customer service I received. Their coffee transcends (ha, see what I did there?) all expectations.

Wild Earth Bakery // 8902-99 St. (multiple locations)

Wild Earth sells some wild coffee—and by wild, I mean delicious (I crack myself up). Enjoy your brew with one of their amazing cakes created by “made-from-scratch” recipes.

Lock Stock Coffee // 10534 Jasper Avenue

Beside Red Star Pub lies the wonderfully cozy yet modern, Lock Stock Café. You will not be disappointed by the coffee you receive. You will also not be able to resist purchasing their bacon, cheddar, and rosemary muffin.

Elm Café // 10140-117 St.

This little café (small in size, not in heart) offers amazing coffee along with their signature, creatively-made sandwiches. So be sure to ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out, wha—okay, I’m done. But seriously, check out Elm Café.

Burrow Central Station // Central LRT Station

Conveniently located in Edmonton’s Central LRT station, this “grab-and-go” café is the silver lining to an otherwise stressful morning commute. So, if you’re running short of time and still want a good coffee— Burrow is the solution to your problems.