Just writing about this one makes our mouth water. Imagine a savoury spiced curry sauce or Tandoori chicken with a side of rice. Curry chicken has become popular for a long period of time and with Edmonton being a diverse city, this Indian plate on its own has become a commodity. And we are so thankful that it is.

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If you have never tried this East Indian dish, we are automatically going to assume that you live under a rock. Seriously, you don't know what you're missing. If you do decide to give Butter Chicken a try, have a look up these15 Edmonton restaurants that are guaranteed to spice up your taste buds. We also must note that a lot of these restaurants are buffets (OMG!).

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Curry Corner // 616 Riverbend Square Northwest

Stop by this curry corner (literally), and indulge in not only their butter chicken but also their delicious curry chicken. Did we mention that it's also a buffet? Definitely come here on an empty stomach.

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Zaika Bistro // 2303 Ellwood Dr SW

Located at the south side of Edmonton. If you have not tried this local hot spot's butter chicken, then yes, we are judging you. Stop everything you're doing and go try it now... no really, right now!

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Guru Restaurant // 17021 100 Ave NW

Say that again! You'll definitely be the butter chicken guru after you indulge in some grub from Guru restaurant.

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Select // 10018 106 St NW

We recommend you get a plate of naan bread to go with your butter chicken. It's so good, you'll want to come back for more!

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Khazana // 10177 ­ 107 Street

Enjoy the cozy atmosphere that Khazana has to offer. And yes, their butter chicken is beyond tasty here!

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Haweli //10220 103 St NW

Try out Haweli on 103rd street if you want to change it up! Be sure to order the naan bread, we hear it tastes amazing with the butter chicken. It's so good in fact, that people have been known to smuggle some home in their bags for later.

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Little India // 9250 34 Ave NW

This is such a cute little spot, and we guarantee that the foodie pics will be worth an Instagram post.

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Remedy Cafe // 8631 109 St NW

Seriously, the butter chicken wraps and their butter chicken, in general, is a freakin must-try! No wonder all the U of A students come here so much!

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Indian Fusion // 10322 111 St NW

This restaurant provides an intimate dining experience, as guarantee that your taste buds will thank you the moment you set foot inside.

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Rasoi // 4341 50th Street NW

Come check out Rasoi Indian Kitchen located on 50th street! With full Indian Cuisine, you'll want to make a second visit. We suggest that you come on an empty stomach.

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Naan-O-Licious // 10331 - 82 Ave

This spot is more than just naan bread! We highly recommend that you try the mango butter chicken; it has a sweet zing in the aftertaste. Don't be scared to try new things!

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New Asian Village // 17507 100 Avenue

You want spices? New Asian Village has got it? You want richness in flavour? New Asian Village has got it? You want good atmosphere? We guarantee that New Asian Village has that too!

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Narayanni's // 10131-81 Avenue NW

We suggest that you come into Narayanni's on an empty stomach. Why? For their butter chicken as well as their buffet- it's really going to satisfy you.

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Namaste India // 10049 156 Street NW

After you finish indulging in some butter chicken from Namaste India, you will be saying "namaste." We promise it will be that good!