Anyone living in Edmonton, especially any Edmonton students trying to pay off their tuition, knows that ramen is the solution when it comes to being hungry and broke.  Back in the day, when people thought ramen, they immediately pictured those dried noodles in a cup with a package of powdered flavoring. From chicken, beef, all the way to vegetable, sure it satisfied our hunger... for the next hour. Just reading that back makes us feel sorry for any university students having to go through that torture and makes us want to say "use your noodle" without sounding too harsh.

Well we got good news, time to throw out that cup of instant noodles and say hello to the food of the future: ramen noodle bowls that won't put a hole in your wallet, or burn through your college tuition. Japanese restaurants everywhere are hyping up the ramen noodle game with even more concepts to satisfy our taste buds. From pork, beef, corn, miso, soy sauce, porcini mushroom, and even chili sauce. Comfort food is supposed to make us happy, remember? Let's keep the happiness going by listing 14 ramen noodle spots in Edmonton, check them out ASAP!

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Dorinku // 10205 82 Ave NW

This spot opened this past July and offers the best Japanese tapas hands down as well as a "feel good vibe." And yes, we are talking about their ramen soups!

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Nomiya // 11160 Ellerslie Road (more than 1 location)

Did someone say miso flavored ramen soup? Save us a table Nomiya, at your Ellerslie location!

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Prairie Noodle Shop // 10350 124 St NW

You can find this noodle shop right the heart and center of 124th street where the goal of Prairie Noodle Shop is to serve quality noodles with quality ingredients. Don't you love when quality wins? Especially when it comes to ramen!

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Tokyo Noodle Shop & Sushi Bar // 10736 82 Ave NW

Ramen always saves the day at Tokyo Noodle & Sushi Bar! Especially if the service is fast, for the Cha Shu ramen is worth the rush.

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Kazoku Ramen // 16518 100 Ave NW

This local restaurant specializes in the waviest ramen noodles, plus the bowls will make you want to come back a second time. Be sure to try their Chili Goma Ramen bowl if you are feeling a little on the wild side. Order a glass of water while you're at it too for it is pretty hot, hot, hot.

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Ninja Club // 10324 82 Ave NW

You'll definitely feel like a ninja after you try the Tantan ramen at Ninja Club. Even your tastebuds will be kicking after you finish the whole bowl.

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 Volcano Restaurant // 4226 Gateway Blvd

Aside from their unique atmosphere, the ramen at Volcano will make your hunger erupt for the variety of flavours are endless right down to the broth. If you're wanting to try a creamier broth, order their Shio ramen and thank yourself later.

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Yuzen Japanese Restaurant // 127-1 Herbert Road

The ramen at Yuzen is available both Saturday and Sunday for lunch and dinner, just to give you a heads up. Be sure to mark your calendars in advance if you plan on hitting up this local hot spot, and prepare those taste buds!

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Nongbu Korean Eatery // 8115-104 Street NW

Face it, nobody wants to be outside during the Edmonton winter season. And what better way to keep us warm is a bowl of ramen from Nongbu. If you see their sign, run towards it!

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 Wing Chicx // 2912 Ellwood Dr SW

We know, the title means "chicken wings," but don't let that stop you from walking in and ordering a hot bowl of rabokki ramen. Perfect for a date night!

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Kobe Sushi Ramen // 2874 Calgary Trail

Fresh ingredients = fresh ramen! Perfect for anyone living in southside Edmonton who's tastebuds could use a quick pick-me-up.

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 Noduru // 10532 82 Ave NW

Located in the heart of Whyte Avenue, besides the fact that there is a gorgeous mural done by Avenue's Art Director, Pete Nguyen, their Tonkatsu ramen bowl is back and better than ever. Did we mention that there is smoked bacon in it? Oh and the broth is nothing to joke about! YUMM!

Japonais Bistro // 11806 Jasper Ave

Say hello to modern Japanese cuisine at the one and only Japonais Bistro! This is the part where we convince you to try the ramen at this local spot since it was voted Best Lunch, Best Overall, and Best Japanese by Avenue Magazine. Okay, that's enough convincing.

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Ohana-Ya Japanese Restaurant // #224, 2 Hebert Road

The ramen at Ohana-Ya is as laid back as their ramen selection. Don't believe us? Among the flavors to try are Tonkotsu, Miso, Shoyu, Curry, Spicy Miso, Tan-Tan, shall we go on? Oops, we forgot to add Seafood and Veggie. Okay we're done.