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14 Edmonton Cafés You Must Visit If You're Craving Something Sweet

It'll be sweet, we promise!
14 Edmonton Cafés You Must Visit If You're Craving Something Sweet

Ok, we know it's the new year and all and I am sure most of you have made a list of resolutions that you wish to accomplish. From avoiding procrastination, saving more money, get better sleep, etc.  Somewhere on that list, you write that you wish to eat healthier since fried and sugary foods can just be the devil. Well, we want to apologize in advance for helping you break your resolution and adding more sugar to your diet with this list of 13 spots in Edmonton that serve the best pastries.

From macarons, cupcakes and Italian bakeries, this list will add to that sugar craving. We know we ruined one out of your New Years resolutions, but we promise that your taste buds are going to thank you due to this list. Read at your own risk!

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Leva Cappuccino Bar // 11053 86 Ave NW

Just walking through the doors at Leva will put you in the mood for some house made desserts. From macarons, gelatos, and sweet lemon tarts. Best to come in the early afternoon!

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Fuss Cupcakes // 2339 Rabbit Hill Road (multiple locations)

Who doesn't love a good cupcake? They make the world go round and are guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth. Did we mention the variety of flavors: root beer float, key lime pie, cookies and cream, carrot, strawberry shortcake, cinnamon bun, and many more. Wow, were craving cupcakes all of a sudden!

via @cafebicyclette

Cafe Bicyclette // 8627 91 St Edmonton

Located in the French quarter in Edmonton, just a couple of blocks away from Whyte Avenue. This cute cafe offers the best French cuisine with a Canadian touch. French pastries include apple brioche, croissants (chocolate, almond and raspberry), profiteroles, and many more. Can we say merci?

via @districtcafeyeg

District Coffee & Bakery // 10011 109th Street

Aside from serving the best coffee in Edmonton, District Coffee and Bakery sure comes through when it comes to their sweet pastries. From rhubarb-pecan muffins to their chocolate orange scones, it's the perfect remedy on a cold winters day next to a cup of coffee. Don't forget to snap that Instagram pic!

via @theoskouzina

Italian Bakery // 10644 97th Street

Just looking at the photo above makes us want to say "delizioso." Located on 97th street, this Italian bakery contains the largest selection of local pastries and treats. You can get them either to stay or to go and if you end up staying, make sure to order an espresso.

via @car_toledo

Da Capo Caffe // 8135 102 Street

Another Italian spot here in Edmonton that offers not only a friendly environment to have an engaging conversation with friends, but also a wide selection of luxurious pastries. We are currently drooling over the croissants covered in chocolate drizzle and sugar. We'll take all of them please!

via @xlissa

Little Brick // 10004 90 St NW

Probably one of the cutest cafes in Edmonton for we kid you not, the cafe is inside a house. Aside from the cozy setting and the fact that there's a general store located inside, Little Brick will accommodate your sweet tooth with their sweets selection. Say mmmmm to their créme brûlée, chocolate chèvre mousse, and cookie assortments.

via @dezleighh

Duchess Bake Shop // 10718 124 Street NW

Everytime we come across a Laduree box of macarons on Instagram, we have a sudden urge to go to Paris and purchase every box. Well look no further for all you have to do is go to Duchess Bake Shop in Edmonton where you will find not only macarons, but even more delicious pastries such as cakes, croissants, puddings and tarts.

via @astratkotter

Bon Ton Bakery // 8720 149 St

One of the oldest bakeries in Edmonton and we can see why it is such a classic! Upon entering Bon Ton Bakery, the options for your sweet tooth are endless, you might end up staying there for a while.

via @pr_mhenderson

Flirt Cupcakes // 10158 82nd Avenue

No wonder this spot was voted the best cupcake spot in Edmonton! This locally owned shop is located along Whyte Avenue and offers the largest variety of cupcake flavors: coffee date, heart breaker, cherry bomb, salted caramel, neapolitan and many more.

via @geetolheezy

Block 1912 // 10361 Whyte Avenue NW

Why bake when you can head over to Block 1912 for a slice of heaven. And yes, we are referring to the cake selection upon entering the shop. From tiramisu, black forest, to even a zucchini cake, you might end up staying a while.

via @samfitz1987

Woodrack Cafe // 7603 109 Street 

Known for their whoopie pies, this spot serves as the ultimate chill spot. You can come inside, read a book, listen to some live music while you munch on your oatmeal flavoured whoopie pie. Sounds pretty heavenly to us!

via @kvkc

Remedy Cafe // 10404 82 Ave NW (multiple locations)

Instead of ordering their infamous chai latte and calling it a day, add something sweet to your order. We hear that their cakes are to die for, especially the red velvet slice. Give it a try and let us know if your taste buds are satisfied.

via @fredathetoothfairy

Cafe Linnea // Holland Plaza at 10932 119 Street NW

We thought chocolate beet cake was non-existent but according to Cafe Linnea, it does exist! If you are wanting to give your taste buds something new to try, take them to Cafe Linnea. Also on the pastry menu is pear ginger spice cake, chocolate orange scones, not to mention all the treats that come with their high tea.

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