15 Bucket List Desserts To Try In Edmonton If You Freaking Love Matcha

Find your perfect matcha.
15 Bucket List Desserts To Try In Edmonton If You Freaking Love Matcha

Matcha is one of those food flavours that have taken the world by storm, and honestly, we're not complaining! The sweet taste of Japanese green tea pairs so perfectly with a ton of our favourite sweet treats, like ice cream, and macarons!

If you're a matcha fiend, and you live in Edmonton, you'll never have to worry about getting your fix! This list includes some of the best spots to grab some matcha all around the city, and we won't be surprised if you go back for seconds.

Challenge yourself, and see how many of these super sweet matcha flavoured foods you can conquer! Don't just let us tell you, go on out, and have a taste of these fifteen great options:

1. Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream at Scoop n' Roll Creamery // 13154 137 Ave NW

Rolled ice cream is already a perfect summer treat, but make it matcha flavoured, and you've got us HOOKED. We can't wait to grab some before exploring the city!

2. Green Tea Bingsu at Snow Bear Dessert Cafe // 10051 109 Street NW

This tasty looking treat is called Bingsu, and it's super popular in Asian cultures. While it does come in other flavours, like mango and strawberry, matcha is obviously the best.

3. Matcha Cheesecake Bingsu at Dream Tea House // Various locations

Now that you know what Bingsu is, chances are good you'll get addicted pretty quickly! Dream Tea House has another great matcha treat you should try, but this time, with cheesecake added.

4. Matcha Soft Serve at Teapsy Cafe // 9959 82 Ave NW

I'll personally take soft serve over hard ice cream any day. I find it so much more refreshing and delicious, but I can only imagine how great it is when it comes matcha flavoured. 

5. Matcha Croissant at Chocorrant Patisserie & Cafe // 10328 124 Street

Croissant and caffeine make the perfect breakfast combo, and now you can get them both in one! These already amazing croissants are sprinkled with matcha powder for the perfect finish. 

6. Matcha Milk Tea at My Tea // 10728 82 Ave NW

Milk tea is another tasty Asian treat that many people love. It usually comes in a ton of different flavours, but if you love matcha, you already know which one you'll pick.

7. Matcha Latte at Cafe Mosaics // 10844 82 Ave NW

Of course, this wouldn't be a matcha list if we didn't include a matcha latte! Cafe Mosaics has one of the best tasting, and best looking you'll find in the city.

8. Matcha Affogato at Waves Coffee House // Various locations

Waves Coffee House is a pretty cool hangout spot, but now you'll find yourself there even more to grab some of their Matcha Affogato! Tasty vanilla gelato paired with sweet matcha?! Sounds like a dream.

9. Chocolate Matcha Donut from Doughnut Party // 10938 119 Street NW

Who doesn't love a donut from time to time?! Doughnut Party has some of the best and most creative you'll find in Edmonton, like their Chocolate Matcha flavour!

10. Matcha Bubble Tea at Tasty Choice // #107 2920 Calgary Trail NW

Bubble Tea may just be the perfect summer drink. It's light, refreshing, and flavourful! Pick up a matcha one, and all your food fantasies will come together.

11. Matcha Cake at Let Eat Snow // #18a 9261 34 Ave NW

If somebody tells you that you can't eat cake for breakfast, get rid of them. Let Eat Snow sells the perfect little matcha cake that you can enjoy any time of day.

12. Matcha French Toast at Gama Cafe // 10813 82 Ave NW

French Toast is one of my favourite breakfast foods, but if you pair it with matcha, you'll fall in love all over again. This tower will look amazing not only on your IG feed, but also going into your tummy.

13. Matcha JusSnow at JusFruit // Various locations

Here's another variation of Matcha Bingsu, just in case you haven't had enough yet.

14. Matcha Bun at Brown Butter Cafe // 1528 91 Street SW

Brown Butter Cafe took their matcha making to the next level, and created this adorable little matcha bun for you to try! One bite and you'll be obsessed.

15. Matcha Macaron at Bogani Cafe // 2023 111 Street

Last, but definitely not least are Bogani Cafe's matcha macaroons. They're the perfect treat for your sweet tooth, and not to mention totally gorgeous!

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