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15 Super Talented Edmonton Tattoo Artists

Find the perfect person for your new ink.

Getting tattooed is a major commitment, and if you're ready for that, you want to make sure you find the perfect person for your new ink. We've all heard one too many tattoo horror stories, and the last thing you want to do is add to the list. 

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Obviously the perfect tattoo artist for you might differ from the perfect one for someone else, as everyone has their unique style, creative license, and taste. Although you might love someone's work, their style might not be exactly what you want on your body, and that's okay. Make sure you pick the best possible artist for what YOU want.

Edmonton is full of so many amazing artists, so unfortunately we weren't able to feature them all. This list includes some very talented people with a variety of styles. Check out the list, and you might just find yourself inspired to get a new tattoo!

1. Liz Venom @ Bombshell Tattoo

2. Jon Squires @ Urge 2 Tattoo

3. Anne Cornelson @ Capital Tattoo

4. Amanda Ricard @ Eye Of The Lotus

5. Ray Bartley @ Atomic Zombie

6. Dana Chantele @ Kamakazi Ink

7. Amy Bliska @ Shades of Grey

8. Corrina Armsworthy @ Dragon FX

9. Brent Smith @ Lucky Strike Tattoo

10. David Moss @ Goodfellas Ink

11. Nadia Farhat @ The Mile Tattoo Studio

12. Katherine Rewus @ At Needle Point

13. Chris Benson @ ShowDown Tattoo 

14. Shan Claydon @ The Fountainhead Tattoo

15. Sean Tracy @ Pagan Tattoo of Edmonton