Edmonton. YEG. 780. Whatever you want to call it, this city is home. And when people decide that they want to move out of the city to pursue their dreams, there's nothing wrong with that for we all have dreams. But sometimes they forget where they came from and that Edmonton has grown over the past few years.

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Whether it is new developments, a new restaurant or a new arena, Edmonton is a dope city. Sure we've heard a few remarks stating how boring it can be or the fact that it snows for 6 months straight, but it's still home. And for those who are packing their bags to embark on a new journey in a new city, we hope this article resonates with you a little bit and you can take the opportunity to reflect on Edmonton as a whole. Have a look at 15 things that you'll totally miss when you leave Edmonton.

1. Your friends, duh!

Cause when you leave, you'll have to start from scratch. But hey, doesn't mean they can't come visit you.

2. All that good pizza from LOVEPizza.

You miss their pizza so much that you write a letter them convincing them to open up a spot in your new location.

3. Spending your paycheck at Workhall and Bamboo Ballroom.

But it's okay though, you can shop their store online.

4. Taking photos of your macaroons and espressos at LEVA Cappuccino Cafe.

As well as taking snapchat photos of their bakery section and the whole cafe for that matter. It's THAT nice guys!

5. Cheering on the Edmonton Oilers at Rogers Place.

Instead of sitting in section 100 watching Connor McDavid score for the 193858293th time, you watch it from the couch.

6. All the Edmonton summer festivals and events.

Everything from the Folk Festival, The Fringe, K-Days. *sigh*

7. People watching at Churchill Square.

We want to say it's like Times Square, but much, much smaller and minus the lights. But there's lots of people that pass by. And there's stairs to sit on too if you really want a show.

8. The food scene!

Edmonton is notorious for its wide variety of food culture, restaurants, and food festivals like Heritage Days and Taste of Edmonton.

9. The LRT commute.

Look, we know it has it's frequent delays and it has passengers with bad hygiene, it gets Edmontonians from A to Z. Just imagine if this mode of transportation didn't exist?

1o. Patio season in the summertime.

Black Dog rooftop as well as O2's on Whyte Ave. Need we say more?

11. The beautiful YEG skyline.

If you don't appreciate something as beautiful as the skyline, then wtf are you doing in Edmonton?

12. The endless array of food trucks in Churchill Square.

They're usually parked there around 12 noon, ready to feed those hungry 9 to 5ers. Can we say what the truck?

13. All those hype concerts at Rogers Place.

From Drake x 2, Kanye, Future, The Weeknd, and Bruno Mars coming up this July. Shall we keep going?

14. Summertime Edmonton Eskimos football games.

Eskimos, beer, and hot dogs under the summer sky with not a worry in sight. Blissful!

15. Those getaway trips to Banff.

Just looking at the mountains gives us inspiration knowing that beauty is found everywhere.