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17 Delicious Edmonton Restaurants You Need To Try Before 2016 Ends

With 2016 coming to an end, we thought it would be appropriate to review the year in terms of the best restaurants in Edmonton. Thanks to our best friend Instagram, Edmontonians are able to share local hot spots on their feeds. With the help of a couple filters, some good company, and some good lighting everyone's become a food critic.

Regardless of the time of day or day of the week, we guarantee that you will not be disappointed with these local hot spots. If you're wanting to step out of your comfort zone a little bit, maybe the following 17 restaurants can convince you. Be sure to give their Insta feed a follow! With every new year comes more great foodie spots! Can't wait to see which spots you'll be hitting up next year!

El Cortez // 8230 Gateway Blvd

Just by looking at the picture above, it's safe to say that El Cortez specializes in the best modern latin food and tequila. Located along Gateway Boulevard, stop by and indulge in their multiple happy hour specials. You've been good to us El Cortez!

Cafe Mosaics // 10844 82 Ave NW

Instagram picture worthy food made with a conscious! From the falafel to the vegan pho, every item on the food menu is guaranteed to make you and your tummy happy.

DaDeO //10548A Whyte Avenue

Located along Whyte Ave, this New Orleans styled diner is guaranteed to leave you full and well, fulfilled. Take in the enjoyable 50's inspired atmosphere while sounds of jazz fill up the diner. Enjoy the southern hospitality!

MEAT // 8216 104 St NW

This locally owned smokehouse is located in the heart of Edmonton's Old Strathcona neighbourhood. From mouth-watering meat platters down to the burgers, beers, and bourbon, MEAT does it right. Oh, and the lighting inside is perfect for that foodstagram!

Canteen // 10522 124 St NW

Situated in the heart of 124th street, Canteen serves as a cozy spot on a cold winter's day or if you just got off work and could use a cocktail to ease the stress off, either way, Canteen can definitely accommodate those needs of hunger and stress relieving.

 Rosso Pizzeria //8738 109 St NW

If you're craving Italian food, then look no further for Rosso Pizzeria will satisfy those cravings in a heartbeat. Among the rich-flavoured dishes are the margarita pizzas, daily pastas, and Tuscan tomato bread soup. Who's down for some Italian food right now?

 Cafe Leva // 11053 86 Ave NW

Located a couple blocks from the University of Alberta, we can see why everyone loves this hidden gem so much. From the outside looking like one of those portables in Elementary school to the modern delicacies served inside such as the organic gelato, panino sandwiches, pizzas and of course, the delicious macarons.

Blue Plate Diner // 10145 104 St NW

This vibrant spot on 104th Street offers delicious dishes such as shepherd's pie, crispy duck wings, meatloaf and vegetarian and cheese. Perfect spot to go to on your lunch break if you work downtown and a quick fact: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez dined here back when they were an item. RIP Jelena.

Sabor //10220 103 St NW

If you want to go a little bit more upscale in terms of your restaurant choices, check out Sabor, a Spanish and Portuguese cuisine that hosts not only good food, but a live music and a delicious drink menu. It also serves as a perfect date spot or if you and your taste buds want to try something new.

Prairie Noodle Shop // 10350 124 St NW

Known for their ramen noodle bowls made with quality ingredients, and immense flavor that will keep you and your soul warm. We recommend that you visit this local noodle shop on a cold winters day because, isn't that what ramen is supposed to do? Don't forget to take a foodie pic and share it on Instagram!

Love Pizza // 10196 109 St NW

Who doesn't love pizza, seriously? Whether you're on a date, with friends or wanting to catch up a sports game on television or TV show, pizza serves as the perfect accommodation. Love Pizza allows pizza lovers to choose what they want on their pizza in terms of toppings, cheese, sauce, proteins, and yes, even the crust.

Cavern //10169 104 St NW

Cheese and wine anyone? Whether it's morning, afternoon, or night, Cavern always supplies the good vibes with its minimal space. With over 75 cheeses to choose from, it's safe to say quality is valued at Cavern as well as local atmosphere.

Rostizado Yeg // 10359 104 Street

Located along the trendy streets of 104th and Jasper Ave, Rostizado does not disappoint. Their menu is filled with modern Mexican cuisine such as the queso fundido, cemeta, chilanga, and the shrimp and chorizo molcajete which is said to be unreal! We like that word a lot, especially when it comes to food!

Cafe Linnea //Holland Plaza, 10932 119 St NW

Inspired by French and Scandinavian cuisine, this cafe is the perfect spot to grab a quick breakfast filled with locally sourced ingredients. Located along 119th street, this cafe offers not only just a divine breakfast menu, but also room for high tea. We must say, the pastries served with high tea look tempting.

Tres Carnales // 10119 100A St NW

If you've already been to El Cortez and want to switch up the taco spot, head over to Tres Carnales located in the heart of Downtown Edmonton. Say hello to savory tacos, quesadillas, tortas, and of course, margaritas.

P.S the menu is subject to change daily/weekly.

 North 53 // 10240 124 St NW

Looking for a casual spot to dine? Check out North 53 for their food is as down-to-earth which is equivalent to the vibe inside. We recommend that you come at night time for the setting is nice and dim and you'll be among the many locals enjoying a casual night. Be sure to check out their drink menu, especially their wines for their selection is on a limited time basis.

Izaka Dorinku //10205 82 Ave NW

Another gem located on Whyte Avenue, but this time, think of Asian cuisine mixed with a pub-like setting. 'Dorinku' means to drink in Japanese and next to the wide selection of drinks, just imagine the food. Dishes like the Tuna Tataki, Tako Wasabi, and of course, the Dorinku Ramen. We will definitely be coming back to this hot spot in 2017!

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