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17 Bucket List Places To Get Vegan Food In Edmonton

All your guilty pleasures, made vegan.
17 Bucket List Places To Get Vegan Food In Edmonton

A lot of people are under the impression that vegan food is tasteless and boring. That, my friends, is far from true. Vegans can still enjoy all your favourite foods (and guilt free, too).

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From vegan wings, to vegan pizza, to vegan poutine, Edmonton's restaurant scene definitely does not discriminate. If you're a vegan, or are interested in trying some vegan eats, these restaurants are perfect for you:

1. Padmanadi Vegetarian Restaurant // 10740 101 St

2. Loma House Vegetarian Restaurant // 9142 23 Ave

3. Noorish Cafe // 8440 109 St

4. Cafe Mosaics // 10844 82 Ave

5. The Clever Rabbit // 10722 124 St

6. Nabati Foods // 12809 66 St 

7. Langano Skies // 9920 82 Ave 

8. Good Stock Restaurant & Catering // 11409 40 Ave

9. kb&co // 10224 104 St

10. The Buckingham // 10439 82 Ave

11. Veggie Garden // 10582 100 St

12. La Poutine // 8720 109 St

13. Remedy Cafe // 8631 109 St

14. Lan's Asian Grill // 11828 103 St

15. Wild Earth Bakery & Cafe // 8902 99 St

16. Credo Coffee // 10134 104 St

17. Arcadia Bar // 10988 124 St

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