17 Reasons Why You Should Date An Edmonton Girl

Better stock up on those flannel shirts
17 Reasons Why You Should Date An Edmonton Girl

If you're a single man or woman wanting to date an Edmonton girl, 1.) Congratulations for you got good taste and 2.) You will not be disappointed for Edmonton girls are the sh*t! They are strong, hard-working, know how to have fun, and look good while doing so. But there are some things that you must consider before you dive into the dating pool.

You must delete your Tinder account, you must rid of your fuckboy tendencies, and you must have an open mindset when it comes to Edmonton girls for they embrace diversity. It's Edmonton, duh! And don't think for one second that Edmonton girls were born yesterday for they are usually 10 steps ahead of you and probably creeped all your social media accounts before you even approached them to say hi. But the good part about Edmonton girls is that they will give you a chance and are extremely friendly. So to break it down, we listed 17 reasons why you should date an Edmonton girl. Hope this will convince you enough.

1. She is both a city and town girl at heart.

Regardless of the environment, she sure knows how to make the most of her surroundings.

2. She loves road trips.

Banff, Canmore, Jasper, she's down!

3. She knows all the foodie spots in Edmonton.

Baijiu, The Common, MEAT, Corso 32, Malt & Mortar, El Cortez. LEVA, BRU Coffee + Beerhouse, shall we go on?

4. She looks good in a Canadian tuxedo.

Denim on denim? Issa look!

5. She also looks good in flannel, especially from Aritzia.

You know Aritzia comes through with the flannel game. She might look good in their flannel shirts, but she'll even look better in yours.

6. She's proud to be from Edmonton.

Edmonton is a mosaic of culture and she not only embraces all cultures, but also Canadian culture, as well as her culture.

7. She's used to the snow.

When you've lived in Edmonton your whole life, you have to get used to a lot of things. Number one being the fact that it snows in March, sometimes, April, and even May.

8. They know how to party.

Whether it's Hip-Hop Karaoke at 9910, or Friday night at The Bower, either way, Edmonton girls are all about the good vibes.

9. They work hard af.

They work their 9-5, and then their 5-9. Edmonton girls don't play when it comes to stackin up their dough, and they know how to splurge too!

10. She's laid-back.

High-maintenance is out of the question!

11. She will call you out on your BS!

She don't play when it comes to this one, we suggest you watch your tongue.

12. She loves hockey! 

Oilers game anyone?

13. She looks good with a can of beer in her hand. 

Heck, she should be the spokesperson for Molson Canadian,

14. They love the outdoors.

Regardless of what it looks like outside. Because who wants to stay indoors these days?

15. They live a healthy lifestyle.

Yoga, gym, runs in the River Valley and up the stairs by the Glenora Club. This also relates to the previous point, don't matter the weather.

16. They'll wear your toques with pride.

And there's a 99% chance that you won't get them back.

17. They're beautiful, duh!

With or without makeup.

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