21 All Too Real Struggles Of Being Single In Edmonton

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21 All Too Real Struggles Of Being Single In Edmonton

This is our season and we should be in constant pursuit of self-growth and being open to doing things outside the box. Instead, we are glued to our phones swiping right on an app that probably won't help us meet that special someone (#depressing). Sometimes all you need is a hug, a cuddle, and for another person to keep you company through cuffing season - trust me, I totally get it.

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Being single has its perks, you get to be fun, wild, and free without a second thought. Whether it's spending those extra dollars on yourself, getting to sprawl out in the middle of the bed, or making out with randoms from the club that you'll never see or hear from them again (byeeeeee). But there are times where being single is just (we hate to say it), sad AF. Have a look below at 21 struggles of being single in Edmonton. If you are single in Edmonton, try not to cry while reading this.

1. You're always the third wheel at Cactus Club.

You always ask yourself "why is does he/she have to be here all the freakin' time?"

2. You didn't get a New Year's kiss at the Edmonton International New Years Eve Gala.

While everyone around you is locking lips, you're trying to open the bottle of wine that you intend to drink yourself.

3. You're constantly having to watch couples make out across the table at Yianni's, causing you lose your appetite.

Ugh, this is not another Notebook movie. She's not Rachel McAdams, and he sure as heck ain't Ryan Gosling. Cut it out and make out with your Brizola instead.

4. You join Edmonton singles groups on Facebook.

Even the members of the group don't show you love. WTF?

5. You keep asking the bartender at The Common why you're still single?

You proceed to list 100+ things about yourself that make you so dateable while ordering yourself another round off their drink menu.

6. You want to date people but you're afraid that they'll turn into Edmonton fuck boys/fuck girls?

This is the part where we refer to a past article where we list the 14 signs that he's an Edmonton fuck boy.

7. You have to listen to your friend talk about their bae problems during dinner at MEAT.

Little do they know, we have problems of our own... why the hell doesn't anybody want us???

8. While walking down Whyte Ave, you adjust the distance settings on Tinder and pray for a miracle.

With Whyte Ave being the local hype spot, you pray that there is someone nearby who is active on the app.

9. Your friends don't wanna go out with you to Studio 107.

Me: "Hey girl, lets hit up Studio 107 tonight."

Supposed BFF: "Umm sorry but John and I are going to this year's Wine and Food Festival."

10. You have no one to cuddle with after watching The Love Witch at Garneau Theatre.

In times of loneliness, sometimes we need someone to hold and tell us that everything is going to be okay and to keep us warm with their body heat. It's a cold world after all.

11. You want to ask someone out for coffee at Transcend, but you're afraid that you'll come off as thirsty.

It seems that in this generation, every time you make the initiative, an assumption just forms itself in their head that you're dying to have them. Chill, it's freakin coffee!

12. You fear running into your ex at YEG Cycle.

We can all agree that this is pretty much the worst feeling in the world. Turns out, both of you are there the same reason... trying to get that revenge body!

13. Nobody's there to have deep conversations with at the Edmonton Public Library.

Instead of those wonderful talk about Aristotle followed by a make out session, you talk to yourself, or with your journal. If you were to do this, we recommend that you do this after a couple bottles of wine.

14. Going home by yourself after a night out at The Bower.

The best part about having a bae is having someone there to carry you or pick you up when you fall after Friday night vibes at The Bower. The worst part, having nobody there to pick you up when you fall down.

15. The rent is expensive, especially if you live in Downtown Edmonton.

At some point during a serious relationship, couples move in together followed by adopting a puppy (or two). They get to split the cost of rent whereas the single person living above them has to pay rent all by themselves.

16. You contemplate being a dog walker/sitter for DependaPaw Pet Services.

You join DependaPaw Pet Services as a way of seeking comfort. Look on the bright side, the dogs will listen to you as opposed to yelling at you right back. You might get a bark or a meow here and there but at least they not full out Kanye-ranting back to you.

17. Nobody's there to do fun, spontaneous things with you.

Even if you do ask someone to go to the Corn Maze with you or to the Launch Pad, they most likely won't respond. Why? Chances are they are out doing fun, spontaneous things with their bae.

18. You have to listen to other couples argue at the LRT station.

Whether it's "No I did not say that" on the phone while riding the LRT to Century Park. Or "This store is boring" at Ardene, we've heard it all. Just do us a favor, kiss and make up and GTFO already!

19. Say goodbye to that long weekend getaway to Banff.

Bye Banff, probably won't see you for a very long time. Was hoping to get that selfie on the Gondola with bae or a cute kissy one at the top of some mountain. *Sigh*

20. Nobody will be there to win you that giant stuffed bear at K-Days.

Meaning we have to win that thing all by ourselves? You know how much it costs to play each time? Geeeez!

21. There's nobody to high-five you at the next Oilers home game.

"McDavid shoots." "And he scores!" After you stand up to cheer while taking a sip of your $12 beer, you look around to see who's willing to give you that high-five. Something like this requires more liquid courage.

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