21 Surreal Places In Alberta You Won't Believe Really Exist

Alberta, you are so beautiful!

This post is for everyone in Edmonton who loves travelling and exploring the outskirts of Alberta. Whether you come across a beautiful lake, mountains that stand tall, or an Alberta icefield, it deserves a photo. It also makes you realize how beautiful Alberta is and that there is another life outside of the city lights. Sometimes we just to take a break from the busy city life and become immersed in nature's beauty.

We all need to get away from the busy life sometimes and appreciate the wonders around us instead of being glued to our phones. Have a look at 21 surreal places in Alberta that you will not believe exist. Trust us when we say that we were shocked too!

  1. Glacier Skywalk In Jasper

2. Lake Louise

3. Icefields Parkway and the Columbia Icefield

4. Moraine Lake

5. Vermillion Lake

6. Waterton Lakes National Park

7. Dinosaur Provincial Park

8. Lethbridge Japanese Gardens

9. Peyto Lake

10. Athabasca Falls

11. Buffalo Jump at Fort MacLeod

12. Red Rock Canyon

13. Kannaskis

14. Two Jack Lake

15.Crescent Falls

16. Canadian Rockies

17.  Lac Cardinal

18. Lundbreck Falls

19. Jasper National Park

20. Rocky View County

21. Eiffel Lake