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24 Things To Do In Banff If You Only Have 24 Hours

24 hours is longer than it seems.

Banff is easily one of Alberta's most popular tourist spots, not only because of the views, but also because there's a plethora of things to do. You don't have to limit yourself to hiking. 

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Even if you only have 24 hours in Banff, you'd be surprised at what you can do. We've compiled a list of the 24 best ways to spend your day in Banff, and broken it down into categories, so you can enjoy yourself, no matter what your interests are. Check it out, and start planning your next trip!

1. Balkan Restaurant // 120 Banff Ave

If you love Greek food, you've gotta eat here.

2. The Maple Leaf // 137 Banff Ave

Classic Canadian food, with a modern twist.

3. The Grizzly House // 207 Banff Ave

Ever wanted to try alligator or rattlesnack? This is the place for you.

4. Melissa's Missteak // 218 Lynx Street

Arguably Banff's best steak house.

5. Three Ravens Restaurant & Wine Bar // 107 Tunnel Mountain Drive

The perfect place to take your date for an elegant dinner and a view.

6. Pacini // 347 Banff Ave

Casual, and affordable. What more could you want?

7. Sunshine Meadows 

Called Canada's #1 Day Hike, because it's perfect for everyone.

8. Johnston Canyon 

Every tourist needs to check this one out at least once.

9. Bourgeau Lake & Harvey Pass 

This one's a bit more challenging, but the view is worth it.

10. Boom Lake 

Another easy one, perfect for any hiking newbies.

11. Marsh Loop 

Take a hike around the loop, and enjoy the incredible mountain views.

12. Stewart Canyon 

Considered the #3 best hike in Banff, Stewart Canyon is the perfect place to lake beautiful pictures.

13. Cabin108 // 108 Banff Ave

Easily one of Banff's cutest boutiques.

14. Canadian Fashion Xperience // 317 Banff Ave

Who would've thought you could find designer fashion in the mountains?

15. The Last Temptation // 229 Bear Street

Hey Macklemore, can we go thrift shopping?

16. Patagonia // 94 Banff Ave

Perfect for the outdoorsy person in your life.

17. Rude Boys Snowboard & Skate Shop // 205 Caribou Street

Getting ready to shred? Be sure to hit this place up first, Summer or Winter.

18. Banff Indian Trading Post // 101 Cave Ave

The perfect place to get all your souvieners.

19. Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity // 107 Tunnel Mountain Drive

Catch a show, or let out your inner artist.

20. Wild Bill's Legendary Saloon // 201 Banff Ave

If you're looking for crazy nightlife, this is the place to be.

21. Dancing Sasquatch // 120 Banff Ave

Ever wanted to party with a Sasquatch?

22. Whyte Museum // 111 Bear Street

Not one for hiking? Check out the history of the Rockies in the Whyte Museum.

23. Cave and Basin National Historic Site // 311 Cave Ave 

The crystal clear water should be reason enough for you to go tbh.

24. Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum // 1 Birch Ave

While you're in Banff, you may as well take in some of the history surrounding you.