33 Guys With Badass Jobs In Edmonton

Big talent in the big city!
33 Guys With Badass Jobs In Edmonton

If you take the time to look up hashtags on Instagram like #yegblogger, #yeginfluencer, or #yegsmallbusiness, it won't take long for you to find a plethora of very talented, hard working Edmonton women who know exactly how to market their work on social media. What about hard working men, though?! We all know that plenty of those exist in our city, and they definitely don't always get the recognition they deserve!

A "badass" job doesn't have a set list of criteria, if we're being honest. I think every job is badass in it's own way, as long as the person doing it has a real passion and drive for their work! We've included radio hosts, restaurant owners, personal trainers, and even the mayor! All of these jobs require unique talents and skill sets, and definitely deserve to be celebrated.

With all the diversity in Edmonton, and the high population, it's obviously impossible to include everyone on our list, so don't at all think that this is a reflection of ALL the cities talent; there's plenty more out there to be discovered! The list is also not at all, in any way, ranked in a specific order. Everyone on here is equally hardworking and deserving.

This year, let's make sure that amazing, talented men get celebrated too. Support your local businesses, or even find a new favourite to check out while scrolling through this list. There's plenty of talent in Edmonton, all we as residents need to do is let them know that their hard work and major contributions to our city are appreciated.

33. Uzair Ahmed // @uzairtruballa

Photographer and Co-Founder of instaMek and Arctic Venture

Why he's badass: When he's not taking, or posing for pictures, you can find Uzair working on two projects that are very important to him. Firstly, instaMek, which is an on-demand auto repair company designed to save customers the time of heading to a shop. Secondly, Arctic Ventures. This project was created by Uzair based on his own knowledge and experience in order to help other entrepreneurs get ahead!

32. Eric Cheng // @e_cheng

Owner of 12 Creative Co. and Co-Founder of YEG People

Why he's badass: Working for a Creative & Digital Marketing Agency is hard enough work as is, but Eric has the creative brain and drive to create his own! He's also co-founded YEG People, which is an amazing platform where other Edmonton influencers, entrepreneurs, and leaders can share their work and knowledge!

31. Jesse Kupina // @jessekupina

Co-owner of The Ranch Roadhouse and Central Social Hall

Why he's badass: As someone who's passionate about food, drink, and hospitality, Jesse decided to turn his passion into a career by opening The Ranch Roadhouse and Central Social Hall with his business partner, Jerry Rota. Both places are YEG favourites, and are known for great food and service!

30. Paul Woida // @paulwoidamusic


Why he's badass: Paul has managed to make a pretty big name for himself around Edmonton and beyond over the past few years. His music is catchy and uplifting; the perfect thing to put you in a good mood when you're feeling down, or elevate your mood higher when it's already up!

29. Daz Wunderkid // @mitchelllawler

Hip Hop Artist

Why he's badass: One look at this guy may not have you thinking "hip hop artist", but that's exactly why you should never judge a book by it's cover. He's currently working on releasing an EP, and has a music video out for his single 'Ease Up'.

28. Gavin Fedoruk // @gfedorak

Owner/Operator of Love Pizza and Co-Founder of Press'd The Sandwich Co.

Why he's badass: The story of how Love Pizza started is actually one of the cutest I've heard. Gavin and his wife Braede had their first date at a local pizza spot years ago, and since, their love for pizza has simply stuck. So much so, in fact, that they turned it into an amazing business venture that's become an Edmonton favourite. When he's not sharing his passion for pizza, you can find him helping to run the show at Press'd!

27. Jamie Willey // @yeg.date

Founder of YEG Date

Why he's badass: Jamie is a literal saviour for anyone trying to plan a date night here in Edmonton. His page is full of all the best local events, and some seriously amazing food and drinks you need to try, among other things. Next time you find yourself having the "Idk, you pick" conversation, skip the argument and head to YEG Date for the perfect night out.

26. Justin Holubitsky // @jholubitsky


Why he's badass: It takes a lot of charisma to sell a house, and there's no doubt that Justin has plenty to go around. He specializes in both Rural and Residential, so he's your go to guy no matter if you're looking for an acreage or a condo! When he's not selling, you can find him coaching football, kickboxing, or hanging with his dogs.

25. Sushami Pomerleau-Piquette // @almandphotography


Why he's badass: It's no secret that Edmonton is full of photographers, many of whom are talented! There's something different about Sushami's work, though. He's always able to perfectly capture a mood with the lighting, or grab the perfect angle for a super unique shot!

24. Jesse Morrison-Gauthier // @wildrosepatina

Executive Chef at The Common and Grandinfish

Why he's badass: Being the executive chef of one major Edmonton restaurant is hard work, but two?! Talk about putting in work! Jesse is a creative genius in the kitchen, always curating the perfect dishes to keep Edmontonians happy with every visit.

23. John Mackell // @heresjohnny41

Owner of Laurel's on Whyte

Why he's badass: It takes a seriously creative eye to make the perfect floral design, but John has it down to an art. As the owner of Laurel's on Whyte, there's no doubt that this guy knows a thing or two about flowers, and running a successful business!

22. Kevin Hayes // @djkevinhayes

Music Director and Mid-Day Host at HOT 107

Why he's badass: To be a radio host is no easy feat. You need tons of charm and charisma, and you definitely need to be fearless enough to talk for hours on end to a large audience. Kevin does this with ease, which definitely deserves some serious recognition. When he's not spinning tunes, you can catch him snapping pictures of our amazing city!

21. Shawn Gilhespy // @muskythemuskrat

Bartender at Baijiu

Why he's badass: Being a bartender isn't all fun and games, it actually requires a ton of serious knowledge, practice, concentration, and speed! You can catch Shawn behind the bar at Baijiu serving up drinks with ease, or in his free time, snapping pictures, gaming, and snowboarding.

20. Marshall Khalil // @marshallattacks

Owner and Artist at Hive Mind Studios

Why he's badass: Becoming a tattoo artist is something that many people dream of, but few actually achieve. Marshall's work is not only technically amazing, but also very creative. He does plenty of bright colours and cartoon characters that always keep things interesting. You can find him working at his own shop, Hive Mind Studios.

19. Pradeep Bala // @natural_ox

Natural Competitive Bodybuilder

Why he's badass: When Fergie said she was "up in the gym just working on her fitness", she had nothing on this guy. Pradeep is a competitive bodybuilder here in Edmonton, and his drive and passion are both incredibly motivating. He's been doing this for years, but is always eager to learn something new and improve himself!

18. Sasan Razaey // @sasthebarber

Owner and Barber at Studio Hare

Why he's badass: They say that behind every great man is a great woman, but I think there may be a great barber back there somewhere as well. Sasan not only has a talent for cutting hair, he also manages to manage his own spot, Studio Hare.

17. Enzo Vergaray // @enzovergaray

Dance Instructor at Dance Code Studio

Why he's badass: Enzo is a talented dancer as is, but throw him in some stilettos and he can drop it low better than most girls can walk! You can find him at Dance Code Studio on Tuesdays and Thursdays for some super helpful lessons that will make you, too, a high heeled dancing queen.

16. Shane Kokas // @shanekokas

Personal Fitness Trainer

Why he's badass: Of course, a personal trainer's job is to motivate you to keep going and become your best self, but Shane always goes the extra mile. He's got an incredibly positive attitude, and always has kind words for his clients or anyone else whose looking to reach their goals!

15. Ryan Holtz // @ryanholtz1

Automotive Marketing Expert

Why he's badass: Ryan says he formerly wouldn't even describe himself as a "car guy", but he now is the manager of a super successful international automotive marketing company. He is also a podcaster, and his show has gained a lot of attention amongst Edmontonians!

15. Sonny Sekhon // @sonziemaaaan

General Manager of Henry Singer in Manulife Place

Why he's badass: Henry Singer is a store that's known for it's amazing style and collections, and in order to be a general manager, we imagine you'd have to be pretty style savvy yourself. Sonny fits the bill perfectly! When he's not at Henry Singer, he is a member of three fundraising boards, and plays on four ball hockey teams! Talk about dedication to the community.

14. John Ahn // @nongbu_korean

Owner of NongBu Korean Eatery

Why he's badass: Believe it or not, John actually opened up this amazing, popular Edmonton Eatery with no experience in the industry, apart from what he had learned via YouTube. He's Korean born, so NongBu has a totally authentic feel to it, but he's been living here in Edmonton for the past 20 years!

13. Wes O'Driscoll // @nowherefaststudio

Co-Founder of Nowhere Fast Studio

Why he's badass: This venture all started back in 2009 when Wes and a friend began screen printing t-shirts for fun as promotional merch for a magazine he was then working on. The shirts took off, and became a staple in the wardrobes of some Edmontonians, causing Wes to leave the magazine behind, and focus full time on the fashion industry!

12. Blair McFarlane // @blairjunior

Co-owner of The Bower, Red Star, and Lock Stock Coffee

Why he's badass: With three restaurants under his belt, it's no secret that Blair is a huge success story in the Edmonton restaurant industry. One of his main goals is to get rid of that ominous "Deadmonton" nickname, and bring amazing new hangouts to the downtown area for all to enjoy.

11. Tom Gazzola // @tomgazzola_

Host & Reporter for Oilers TV

Why he's badass: Tom took a chance on digital media when it wasn't in the norm, and there's no doubt that it paid off for him, seeing as he's been with the Oilers for well over six seasons now. Growing up, he always played hockey and other sports, but rather than turning his passion into skating on the ice like many others do, he decided to report about it!

10. Kevin Cam // @north_53

Owner of North 53

Why he's badass: Prior to opening North 53, Kevin was in the fashion industry, and on his trips to big cities, he discovered a love for the food and beverage industry; thus the creation of this amazing Edmonton favourite. He's originally from B.C., but has been in Edmonton since age 12, and definitely brings a light and some amazing flavours to the city!

9. Don Iveson // @doniveson

Mayor of Edmonton

Why he's badass: He's the mayor of our city, do you really need any more explanation than that?! Not to mention he's got those princely good looks, very similar to our Prime Minister! Don is the kind of mayor that people love, as he loves the city of Edmonton so much, and is always out and about doing cool things!

8. Daryl McIntyre // @dmcintyrectv

Anchorman at CTV Edmonton

Why he's badass: Having CTV on your resume is a major accomplishment, no doubt about it. But Daryl here has been working there on air for 31 years; now that's REALLY something to brag about. He's clearly dedicated to his craft, and Edmontonians love him!

7. Trevor Boller // @edmontonhasyourhome

Interior, Event, and Headshot Photographer

Why he's badass: Most photographers choose landscapes or portraits to shoot, but Trevor has a passion for photographing interior photos, events, and headshots! His photography aims to help real estate agents in the Edmonton area market their properties; talk about great teamwork!

6. Mark Connolly // @connolly2.0

CBC Radio Host

Why he's badass: Being a radio host seems like a lot of fun, and we're sure it totally is, but there's an astounding amount of hard work and dedication that goes into it ass well! He's currently the CBC Host for the 2018 Winter Olympics, but you can usually catch him on the Edmonton A.M. Show!

5. Phil Wilson // @realbaconhound

Food Writer and Podcaster

Why he's badass: Phil has dubbed himself the "real bacon hound" and we think that's a pretty sick nickname, who doesn't love bacon?! Taking one look through his Instagram feed will leave you drooling (I know I am right now). As a food writer and podcaster, Phil gets to travel around, try a ton of foods, and critique them. He's totally living my dream life.

4. Jordan Eberle // @jordaneberle14

Former Edmonton Oiler, current New York Islander

Why he's badass: Though he is no longer one of our hometown boys, we'll still cheer him on as right-winger for the Islanders. Jordan was selected in the first round NHL Entry Draft back in 2008 by the Oilers, and just recently was traded. Playing in the NHL takes some serious skill, and Jordan personifies that perfectly.

3. Brett Kirkland // @brettkirkland10

Personal Trainer

Why he's badass: Yeah, sure, personal trainers are badass and all, but as it turns out, Brett was actually named one of the top 10 best trainers in Canada! That's a seriously amazing accomplishment in our books. He's got a very bright and uplifting personality, and simply wants to see his clients achieve their goals!

2. Christopher Mundy // @realchristophermundy

Model with Mode Models

Why he's badass: Christopher looks like one of those effortlessly cool hipster dudes, and that's basically what he is! He's got great hair, a great beard, and most importantly, great style! He poses for the camera like nobody's business, something not a lot of people can do, which makes him totally badass.

1. Chris Tse // @christse_

Owner of Blitz Conditioning and Tse Social Strategy

Why he's badass: If one were to describe Chris as a "jack of all trades", they wouldn't be lying. As owner of Blitz Conditioning, he works to help others meet their fitness goals. His other company, Tse Social Strategy works to help tell stories about brands and get their names out there! Finally, Chris also works as a Fitness Columnist for both Global and CBC Edmonton.

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