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42 Edmonton Models Who Are Killing The Game Right Now

Edmonton women are beautiful and there is no doubt that they know how to slay, pretty much all day (whatup Bey reference). If you have never watched America's Next Top Model or have an Instagram account, we are going to assume that you live under a rock since everyday, there is a new model in YEG that catches our eye. Whether she's posted up against a wall, posing for a shot in local attire, or smizing in a selfie, we can't help but LIKE away on IG.

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There are so many beautiful women in this city, that we literally had to make this list longer in order to not leave out any pretty faces. We encourage you to follow these lovely ladies because your eyes will thank you in the long run. Somewhere, Tyra Banks is smiling... I'm sorry... smizing. Have a look at 42 models in Edmonton that are killing it. Forgive me Tyra!

via @mediumgoth

Rynn Nicholl // @mediumgoth

via @daniellearimas

Danielle Arimas // @daniellearimas

Sammy Gardner // @sammy.gardner

via @nicneiman

Nic Neiman // @nicneiman

Natalia // @nat_cat

Sarah Huffman // @_sarah_huffman_

via @valeriemdo

Valerie Do // @valeriemdo

via @alvinaphan

Alvina Phan // @alvinaphan 

via @undefined" class="lml-instagram-embed-2" />via @undefined

Nad // @nadikaorr 

via @itsmisshuynh

Chalina Huynh // @itsmisshuynh 

via @oliiviiasiimone

Olivia Moore // @oliiviiasiimone

Annalesia // @annalesiam_xo

Vivian Wong // @vivianwong_

Shaylene Lunam // @_shaylien_

via @claireburry

Claire Burry // @claireburry 

via @malhorhay

Malorie Rusk // @malhorhay 

via @jdixon97

Jana Dixon // @jdixon97

Alanna Prokop // @alanna_banana11

via @catherinemomo

Catherine Morris // @catherinemomo

Kendall Graham // @k.graham

via @micowla

Mikayla Huculak // @micowla 

via @adengakuentok

Adeng Akuentok // @adengakuentok 

via @nylonordeath

Haille MacKay // @nylonordeath 

via @mercyamoah_

Mercy // @mercyaamoah

Kseniya Kapustsina //

Hannah Szucs // @hannah_szucs

Ashley Hamilton // @ash.tamara

Parker Austin // @parkeraustin

Dennea MacCallum // @dennea.m

McKenna Nahaiowski // @mckenna_nahaiowski 

via @emilyfloweer

Emily Flower // @emilyfloweer

Alana Carter // @alana.carter

Delaney // @delaney_micahlynne 

via @sashabilida

Sasha Bilida // @sashabilida

Kai - Lee Worsley // @kworsley_

via @unamomolu

Una Momolu // @unamomolu

via @dnestria

Becca Dnestrianchii //@dnestria

Grace McGuire // @gracee.mcguire 

via @undefined

Ayesha Reece // @ayeshareece

Katie Hall // @_katiehall 

via @angeliawood13

Angelia Wood // @angeliawood13

Sjalyn Marchewka // @sja.m 

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