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50 Super Talented Edmonton Photographers That'll Make You Look Flawless In Photos

Instagram has given photographers a new outlet to display their talents to the general public. IG users are commonly exposed to amazing photos from both amateur and professional photographers.

And Edmonton is home to a tremendous amount of talented people behind the camera (or phone). Whether it’s street/urban photography or wedding photography, you are guaranteed to find an extremely capable individual that will capture their subject with the highest level of skill. So, to showcase some of our homegrown talent, I'd like to present some amazing photographers with unreal Instagram pages that definitely deserve a follow. Since there’s so many different types of photographers, this post will focus on portrait photography specifically. Photographers with other subjects/specialties deserve their own list.

So here are some Edmontonian photographers that take a killer portrait! They will be a great addition to your IG feed if you want some artistic inspiration (or maybe you’d want to hire them so that they can provide you with photos that are a step up from your selfie game).

Note: Did not include boudouir-type photos/portraits. It also deserves to have its own list.

Note 2: There's literally SO many talented people in this city (which is a good thing), so more lists may need to be made in the near future (there was no space to include everyone that deserves to be here). This list consists of great photographers that showed up easily on my Instagram feed.

via @alyshaflo

Alysha //@alyshaflo

Sharon // @sharon_litchfield

via @studiojmp

Ken & Laura // @studiojmp

via @triciavictoriaphoto

Tricia // @triciavictoriaphoto

via @amyolignybisaillon

Amy // @amyolignybisaillon

via @taylorkanary

Taylor // @taylorkanary

via @dixiesphotography

Dalyla // @dixiesphotography

via @irenetolsma

Irene // @irenetolsma 

via @hueofbluephotography

Kylie // @hueofbluephotography

Kaleigh // @kalfisk_photography

via @chonchayy

Chris // @chonchayy

Bethany // @b.gracecreatives

via @breannemariephoto

Breanne Marie // @breannemariephoto

via @traceyjazminphoto

Tracey // @traceyjazminphoto

via @meghandoering

Meghan // @meghandoering

via @etoromacreative

Daniel & Kaitlyn //@etoromacreative

via @karlyfordphoto

Karly // @karlyfordphoto

Marcin & Darota //@bdfk_photography

Kala // @kala_rose

Brittany & Brianne // @bb_collective

Sharyar // @box.cube

via @shylohrayphotography

Shyloh // @shylohrayphotography

via @impressionsphotographybymohit

Mohit // @impressionsphotographymd

via @uryelle

Uryelle // @uryelle

via @ismtom

Isaac // @isaacmtomas

via @elainegreendotcom

Elaine // @elainegreendotcom

via @sokofotohaus

Soko // @sokofotohaus

via @vitalityimagesphotography

Chelsea // @vitalityimagesphotography

via @dallascurow

Dallas // @dallascurow

via @curtisroundphotography

Curtis & Oksana // @curtisroundphotography

via @lindseycatherinephoto

Lindsey // @lindscat

via @kobexamoh

Kobe // @kobexamoh

via @zokahproductions

Zac & Monikah // @zokahproductions

via @aetakesphotos

Alyssa & Eric // @aetakesphotos

via @lauriekjensen

Laurie // @lauriekjensen

via @omarpix

Omar // @omarpix 

via @lionsandmags

PhiLam // @lionsandmags

via @lisalacroixphotographer

Lisa // @lisalacroixphotographer

via @deannacboudoir

Deanna // @diadollphotography

via @undefined" class="lml-instagram-embed-2" />via @undefined

Umar // @umarjunaidphotography 

via @geckophotography

Andrew // @geckophotography

via @ghphotosyeg

Brittney & Peter // @ghphotosyeg

via @jenniemayphoto

Jennie //@jenniemayphoto

via @photobypam

Katherine // @katherinekingstonphotography

via @shelbydeepphotography

Shelby // @shelbydeepphotography

via @imkristylynn

Kristylynn // @imkristylynn

Kat // @katch_studios

via @emilieiggiottiphotos

Emilie // @emilieiggiottiphotos

Jan // @jan.bartolome

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When it comes to planning your wedding, there are so many crucial things to be aware of. From the caterer to the number of guests, the location, gown, budget and most importantly, someone who is there to capture the moment when you say I do. When it comes to you and your future s/o there is always that one photo that perfectly captures where you two are head over heels for each other. That is the photo that you want to look back on for the years to come.

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