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6 Reasons Why Edmonton Men Make The Best Boyfriends

Edmonton men are generally amazing! And I know there’s exceptions to this-- but for the most part, the guys here are truly great. So, as part of your quest for knowledge and truth, you may be wondering what evidence can be given for why they’re such awesome partners? And, is there really any evidence at all?

Well folks, based on my scientific research loftyand loose connections written purely for your entertainment purposes…these are some of the reasons why Edmonton men make the best husbands/boyfriends/partners etc.

Who knows, perhaps you're able to delve deeper into these "reasons", and possibly take away some truths surrounding the characteristics stated below.

Note: You can pretty much replace the word men with women, and the article will hold true for why Edmonton women make the best partners as well.

1. They are loyal.

As evidenced by their commitment to the Oiler’s during the…well…not so good times, they stuck by them and withstood all the jeers and taunts from the fans of other teams. When the going got tough, they continued to support their guys. They did not jump ship and get on another team’s bandwagon. So very loyal.

2. They are tough/ tenacious.

Hey, not just anyone can survive and thrive in Edmonton’s climate. When most of the country would throw in the towel and call a “snow day” (during, what all of us in YEG, would deem as just another average winter day), our guys are still out there--business as usual, continuing on with their lives. They don’t let the harsh elements get in the way of their responsibilities. And, that my friends, shows tenacity.

*Also, bouncing back from an economic slump and having resilience throughout, proves this as well—but why get serious here, when we can just talk about the weather ?

3. They are open-minded.

We have an unreal food scene in Edmonton. And lots of cultures are on display in both our population and our culinary offerings. Considering the success of many authentic, cultural foods from other countries—it’s evident that the people of YEG (men included) are open to trying new things and being adventurous. That level of open-mindedness is a good thing. And someone that is willing to try new things—even if it’s just food, shows promise.

4. They are adventurous.

Unlike a lot of other provinces, Albertans—including Edmontonians, have easier access to the Rockies. As a result, many of our guys have developed a love of hiking and/or the outdoors in general. This fosters a love of exploration.

This all ties into the point made above as well, because their open-mindedness to try new things helps fuel their adventurous spirit.

5. They are creative and cultured.

We have a really great live-music scene, wonderful art galleries, the biggest Fringe Festival in Canada, lots of food festivals—and I could continue, but I’m sure you already get the point. If they aren’t already an artist, musician chef etc., many of them play their part in supporting and celebrating our artists/the creative field.

6. They are humble.

Considering Edmonton is frequently underrated i.e. in how wonderful of a city it is, we can draw conclusions about what that does to its population. The guys here are used to living in a city that they know is better than what others assume, and their decision to be content with being somewhat of an “underdog", silently knowing how good they have it, shows humility. They don’t need the rest of the world to sing their praises. They’re comfortable with being themselves and sharing their inner contentment with their partner.

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