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The 6 Types Of Guys You'll Definitely Meet At Edmonton Bars

If Bumble isn’t working out too well and you’re still recoveringfrom a horrifying Tinder experience, the modern dating game may be seriously killing your vibe right now.

But fear not Edmontonians, I’ve heard there’s another way of meeting your Mr. Right. It involves approaching guys IN PERSON, and actually speaking to them sans phone screen and carefully curated profile photos.

Of course, I know this may be hard for some of us to do. It really does take a lot of courage (i.e liquid courage). But, if you’re feeling brave and ready to put yourself out there, I’m here to give you a little extra help! I’ve compiled a list of the types of guys you’ll be sure to meet in most Edmonton bars, so hunker down and take notes because this is the info they don't teach in school.

Note: Lots of generalizations and typecasting will follow (this is mostly to make you giggle).

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Age: 25-40

Occupation: Magazine Editor

Hobbies: Eating at trendy restaurants, going to art galleries, drinks to compliment his food (not to get liiittt ?).

Looking for: Someone that doesn’t mind spending $$$ on a meal, that has a strong fashion sense, and will think of Picasso and not Kanye when they hear the name Pablo.

Cook County Saloon

Age: 23-45

Occupation: Oil/Gas Drill Operator

Hobbies: Riding their trucks through ‘old, dirt roads’ and going on long rambles about the stupidity of modern internet culture.

Looking For: Someone that looks good in daisy duke shorts and isn’t opposed to living outside of the city (perhaps to be closer to those old, dirt roads).

The Next Act Pub

Age: 22-35

Occupation: Music Photographer (but is also in a band)

Hobbies: Growing out their beards, wearing denim on denim, drinking craft beer.

Looking for: Someone that won’t make them shave their beard, someone with tattoos and an edgy haircut, someone who will listen to their speeches about the importance of eating locally.

The Common

Age: 21-30

Occupation: Marketing Strategist

Hobbies: Memorizing all the lyrics to every Drake track, scrolling through funny meme accounts on Instagram, putting in the effort to always be on trend.

Looking for: Someone that is knowledgeable about internet culture, someone that chose to side with team Kimye (not Taylor Swift).

Garneau Pub


Occupation: Undergrad student (Golden Bears athlete)

Hobbies: Playing hockey (duh), getting turnt whenever possible, having strong opinions about the Calgary Dinos.

Looking for: Someone who is willing to play beer pong and who doesn’t complain about the way he smells after a game.

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The Canadian Brewhouse


Occupation: Full time Oilers fan (but works as a mechanic to pay the bills)

Hobbies: Knowing all the stats about Oilers players past and present, and emitting loud startling yells of both joy and anger before and during the game.

Looking for: Someone that shares his political views... just kidding, they just have to like the Oilers.

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