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7 Creepy Abandoned Places You Can Visit In Alberta

Ghostbusters must be kept on speed dial.
7 Creepy Abandoned Places You Can Visit In Alberta

Halloween is just around the corner, and in between ordering every food/beverage item that’s pumpkin-spice flavoured, and scrambling for ideas to one-up your costume from last year—it may be difficult to find time to actually get into the spirit of the season. This is the only time of the year where it’s socially acceptable to scare others. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

To help get you in the mood for Halloween, I've come up with a list of places to reach within the Province. So get your closest friends together (or the ones who startle easily, for comedic purposes) and take a road trip (don't worry, I included some local ones in YEG as well). While Alberta is home to a lot of spooky sites, I handpicked the ones that were mostly deserted. That being said, here’s a list of the many creepy abandoned places you can visit in Alberta.

Edmonton, Alberta: Edmonton General Hospital-B Wing

The abandoned B-wing of the hospital is said to possess the spirit of a mother searching frantically for her dead child(ren). Word is, it still smells of sick people (although it has not been used for several years), and the sounds of children crying have been heard. There’s more, but I’m currently scaring myself while writing this, so, I’ll leave it to you to investigate further.

Wayne, Alberta: Rosedeer Hotel

Although not COMPLETELY abandoned, a town of fewer than 30 people seems pretty empty by my standards. In this extremely quiet town (once a busy coal mine) lies Rosedeer Hotel. The third floor of this hotel is off limits. Legend has it that “something bad” happened here. There are reports of a "presence" that can be felt, and “strange happenings”. I would personally take this as a red flag to stay far, far away…but if you’re gutsier than I am (i.e. not afraid of your own shadow), this seems like the perfect location for an eerie (and fun?) road trip.

Mercoal, Alberta: Former coal mining town

With the exception of a few summer residences, this town is virtually abandoned. There's always something eerie about walking through areas that were once full of life but now lie deserted (over 800 people once lived in this small town).

Edmonton, Alberta: Charles Camsell Hospital

Once a tuberculosis sanatorium for Inuit and First Nations patients, it became a general acute-care hospital and is now the most haunted place in Edmonton. It was unused for years, as plans to start construction were halted by a severe asbestos contamination (although construction has been promised to resume in the summer). Rumours of mass graves and gross injustices have plagued this abandoned structure. Although it should be noted that there are security guards out front, guarding against trespassers. Don't worry though, I’m sure just going near this building (as close as you can legally get)—is enough to scare the s%@t out of you.

Dorothy Alberta: Abandoned churches

In near isolation, lies the remnants of two former churches. Considering the crumbling remains of the churches could be the perfect setting for another exorcism movie--you'll get your fair share of the creeps here.

Nemiscam, Alberta: 6 abandoned buildings

In 2006, this town had a whopping population of two people. So, in the eerily quiet atmosphere of this ghost town, you'll be able to explore the boarded up buildings and abandoned grain elevators. Think "rustic charm ".

Bankhead, Alberta: Former Coal Mining Town

With yet another abandoned coal mining town, it seems like coal mining was quite the risky business to get into. Located in Banff National Park, you can feel free to explore this ghost town. Who knows, you may even run into an actual ghost....

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