7 Places To Go In Edmonton To Catch The Most Stunning Sunsets This Spring

These views don't even look real. 😍
7 Edmonton Lookout Points To Catch The Most Stunning Sunsets This Spring
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In case you haven’t noticed, Edmonton has some of the most beautiful sunsets ever. From vibrant pinks to deep purples, we see it all on a nightly basis. While you could sit on your patio or drive to the outskirts of town to take in the views, there is nothing better than seeing them in the city. We came up with a list of some amazing Edmonton lookout points around the city to catch the best sunsets. 

Some people travel the globe to try and find sunsets like the ones we are blessed with every evening in Edmonton. 

It seems like night after night, Edmonton is greeted with every colour of the rainbow and we couldn’t be more thankful for it. 

In order to get the best views of the sky, you need to hit up a lookout point. 

From bridges and walkways to parks and beaches, we came up with a list of the seven viewpoints around the city that you need to check out this spring. 

Take a picnic or your favourite dessert and watch the sunset unfold around you. It’s totally relaxing and a great way to wind down after a stressful day. 

The Muttart Conservatory 

Address: 9626 96a St. N.W., Edmonton, AB

Why You Need To Go: This conservatory has some of the coolest architecture. When the sun is setting, the lights really shine along the pyramid buildings which makes the colours even brighter.

Accidental Beach

Address: North Saskatchewan River, Edmonton, AB

Why You Need To Go: This beach is a large sand bar that is frequented by locals. Bring a blanket and maybe some munchies and enjoy the sunset along the city skyline.

Gold Bar Footbridge 

Address: 10955 50 St. N.W., Edmonton, AB

Why You Need To Go: This spot is super close to downtown. Whether you a bike or walk the trail, the bridge is the perfect place to take in the glorious views.

Saskatchewan Drive Lookout 

Address: 10224 Saskatchewan Dr. N.W., Edmonton, AB

Why You Need To Go: This lookout gives you perfect views of the Edmonton skyline. It’s the ultimate spot if you want to take iconic photos.

Victoria Promenade

Address: 121 St. N.W., Edmonton, AB

Why You Need To Go: Whether you want to go for a casual stroll or a swift bike ride, Victoria Promenade has something for everyone. The views of the river valley and the south side of Edmonton are totally dreamy when you pair them with the colourful sunset. Just see for yourself.

Ada Boulevard

Address: Ada Blvd. N.W., Edmonton, AB

Why You Need To Go: There are various lookout points along the Ada Boulevard which means your view will never be obstructed. Be sure to take a camera to capture the sunset.

Grant Notley Park Gazebo 

Address: 116 St. & 100 Ave., Edmonton, AB

Why You Need To Go: At the top of the Vitoria Parkway is the cutest little gazebo where you can watch the sunset. Take a blanket to sit on and you have yourself a front-row seat to a magical light show.

Stephanie Hilash
Staff Writer
Stephanie Hilash is a guest staff writer