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7 Fun Things To Do In Edmonton With Bae To Beat The Winter Woes

We get it, not everyone is a fan of Edmonton winters since as of last week, temperatures have been hitting the - 21 mark. Let's just say that we weren't the happiest campers but, that's Edmonton for ya! Even though we deal with long winters and they tend to be miserable, but that doesn't mean that we should be.

If you think about it, Edmonton winters serve as the perfect bae occasion. You and your significant other can beat the winter woes together by engaging in fun winter activities, both indoor or outdoor. Have a look at 7 activities that you and bae can do to cheer yourselves up this winter, plus snap a few kissy pics!

Explore the Ice Castles together

It's that time of year again where Edmonton opens up the frozen fortress aka the Ice Castles. You and bae will walk through a winter wonderland filled with ice structures made entirely out of icicles and water. Be sure to dress warm and purchase tickets before you and you bae arrive. When you Instagram that photo of you and your bae in front of the ice castles, use the hashtag #icecastles.

Take Pics At the Legislature Grounds

It's lit at the legislature! If you want to have a casual night with bae, grab them by the hand and take a stroll around the legislature grounds and take pictures of all the Christmas lights, and well, yourselves for that matter. Forget the mistletoe!

Take a Baecation to Banff

Why not escape Edmonton for a little bit and go on a fun road trip with bae to the mountains in Banff? Book a room at one of their many lodges and stay cuddled up all weekend. You can walk the streets during the day, take the gondola up the mountain, or have high tea at the infamous Fairmont hotel. Talk about a baecation!

Hit Up Snow Valley Ski Club

Switch up the setting and hit up the Snow Valley Ski Club located off of Whitemud Drive. Even if you and bae have never skied or snowboarded before, still try it out and go down some slopes together. If one has skied or snowboarded before while the other hasn't, get them to help you for it serves as the perfect bonding experience and they will be there to help you up if you were to fall down.

Go Skating!

Let the good times roll with a date to the large skating rink at Hawrelak Park! You and bae will be among hundreds of Edmontonians sliding around and capturing flicks at the same time. If one of you doesn't know how to skate, don't sweat it for it makes another great bonding moment for you both!

Warm Up With Some Ramen

Don't let Edmonton's cold weather get you down.  Instead of drowning in your misery, why not treat bae and yourself to some warm ramen noodles at Prairie Noodle Shop. This soup is guaranteed to keep you and bae worm this winter, why not give it a try!

Have a Board Game Night!

Want to add some competition to date night with your bae? Take them to Table Top Cafe located on 124th street or thier second location on 75th street. Come hang out with your S/O and immerse yourself with hundreds of board games. The best part is, it only costs $5 per person to play. May the best player win!

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