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7 Romantic Airbnbs In Alberta To Rent For Cheap Instead Of Going On A Date

Be “Ryan Gosling-level” romantic this weekend.
7 Romantic Airbnbs In Alberta To Rent For Cheap Instead Of Going On A Date

If you feel like your recent date nights have been uninspired, and you wanted to add a little bit of adventure into the mix, rent an Airbnb to spend some quality time with your significant other. Go somewhere close to the city, or take a bit of a roadtrip and travel elsewhere in the province for an escape/mini-trip.

Leave the wining and dining to the basic people—and whisk away your significant other on a journey (and one that won’t break the budget). They say staycations are the new vacations--just one says that (but they can definitely be fun as well).

Here are some of the many Airbnbs available for rent in Alberta. 

Inner City 1 Bedroom Condo

Close to Downtown, Calgary

Features: 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom

Beautiful modern condo

Close to restaurants, bars etc.

Accommodates: 2 people

Cost: $75 / night

Silver Birch Oasis 

Sherwood Park, Alberta

Features: I bedroom, 1 bathroom

Beautiful walk-out basement that can serve as a mini-getaway.

Cozy up around the indoor fireplace for an ideal staycation.

Accommodates: 2 people (or 4 if you use the pull-out couch)

Cost: $75 / night

Modern One Bedroom Close To Banff

Canmore, Alberta

Features: 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom

Beautiful condo near the Rockies. And considering how expensive a hotel can be in these areas, this gorgeous Airbnb is a great alternative.

Accommodates: 2 people

Cost: $156 / night

Comfortable Suite By Downtown

Canmore, Alberta

Features: I bed, I bathroom (studio)

Beautiful little condo set in the charming town of Canmore.

Ideal for a getaway to the Rockies, or a getaway for the sake of...well, getting away.

Accommodates: 2 people

Cost: $88 / night

Amazing Loft in the Heart Of Downtown Edmonton

Edmonton, Alberta

Features: 1 bed, 1 bathroom (studio)

Located right downtown, it's the perfect little escape after a night out in the area (or perhaps a concert at the Rogers Place).

Accommodates: 2 people

Cost: $80 / night

Central One-Bedroom Apartment 

Edmonton, Alberta

Features: 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom

This beautiful apartment is close to downtown Edmonton--with all the restaurants/bars, and also right by the river (for a calming, romantic walk perhaps).

Accommodates: 2 people (or more if you use the pull-out couch and air mattress)

Cost: $91 / night

Photo cred - Airbnb

New Urban Hideaway 

Calgary, Alberta

Features: 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom

This charming condo is only an 8 minute drive from Downtown Calgary.

Accommodates: 2 people (or 3 if you count the available air mattress)

Cost: $64 / night

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