If you haven’t been exposed to a giant heap of election news concerning our southern neighbours, then you’re probably a hermit with no exposure to people or technology. With that being said, Americans will be voting Nov. 8th, and all of us in Canada will be anxiously awaiting the results.

So, to help pass the time up here in the north, or distract you from the circus going on in the U.S., you can fall back on one of our generation’s greatest past times…Netflix. More specifically, political shows on Netflix (although I doubt any show will have the same amount of drama as America’s current election).

Anyways, here are some of the many shows available on Canadian Netflix to keep you entertained during the election.


Watch Olivia Pope and her team deal with “scandalous” events surrounding political figures/politics. And although this show is fictional, they certainly have a few characters that mimic real-life politicians. Give this show a try, it’s definitely an entertaining take on what happens (again, fictionally) behind-the-scenes in Washington.

The Crown

This show deals with the life of Queen Elizabeth II, and the concept of power and monarchy. Although not the typical “political” show that we usually think of, it still deals with ruling a country and being in a position of authority/political leadership (i.e. politics).


Focusing on CIA operatives in America, this captivating show provides a very entertaining outlet for those interested in the fictionalized politics behind homeland security.

House of Cards (the U.S. TV Series)

A fictional political drama taking place in Washington D.C. Again, this very popular show deals directly with power struggles, and the underhanded/extremely dramatic side of politics. Warning: Show is very binge-worthy. Be prepared to lose a lot of time being a productive citizen of the world.

The Ides of March

Um…Ryan Gosling? Need I say more? Actually, I will say more (for the sake of giving you guys a tiny synopsis). This is a great movie that involves the grittier/manipulative side of the campaigning behind political candidates. Also, Ryan Gosling (had to say it again, in case you missed it the first time).


This is a documentary that highlights Mitt Romney’s presidential campaigns. It also gives viewers a glimpse of Mitt Romney as an actual “person”, as opposed to his public persona as a political figure.

Funny or Die Presents: Donald Trump’s the Art of The Deal: The Movie

A satirical movie based loosely on Donald Trump’s book, Trump: The Art of the Deal. It’s a comedic look at one of America’s current Presidential candidates. Plus, Johnny Depp plays a great Donald Trump.

Source Cred: Netflix Canada