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8 Influential Edmontonians With Awesome Jobs

Social media superstars!

Most of us spend much our days surfing the Internet. It's nothing to be ashamed of the Internet is really freaking cool. From Facebook surfing to music and video-streaming, the uses for the world wide web are endless.

When we put it into perspective, the digital world has come a pretty long way. From dial-up internet (which required days to load a single webpage) to being able to stream a movie on Netflix in seconds with fast and reliable WiFi, we’ve come an insanely long way. Of course, these advancements were very necessary, seeing as the world has become incredibly reliant on the Internet.

Many of Edmonton's local influencers use the Internet as part of their everyday life. These creators rely on it and social networking in order to connect and share their content. From photographers to makeup artists and bloggers, these media badasses have mastered the art of networking. They’re able to make full careers out of connecting with people from Edmonton and all around the world. And if that isn’t completely badass, I don’t know what is!

Whether you need some inspiration or are just wondering how to turn an Internet addiction into a career, check out these 8 influential Edmontonians with badass jobs:

Yiyin Zhang // Lifestyle Instagrammer

Yiyin Zhang is a lifestyle Instagrammer that has mastered the art of sharing her interests in the most aesthetically-pleasing way. Yiyin definitely has an eye for detail and it's evident in the simplicity of her stunning photos which inspire all of us to live more aesthetically-pleasing lifestyles (and visit more YEG Coffeeshops)!

Megan Marrinan // Social Media Marketer, Lifestyle Instagrammer

Megan Marrinan a.k.a Megan Kathleen is an Edmontonian social media pro, which she uses to her advantage as a freelance social media marketer. In combination with that, Megan Kathleen is also a lifestyle Instagrammer, where she shares the contents of her life, her favorite makeup and fashion products and more. Megan has also recently become a YouTuber, just to remind us once again how awesome she is.

Joy Baber // Fashion Blogger, Instagrammer

Joy is a fashion blogger and Instagrammer that is basically all of YEG's fashion inspiration. Joy's Instagram page is filled with photos that express her amazing sense of style and because she's so awesome, she posts all her outfits on her blog, A Little Detail. Don’t be fooled by the title, though. She really bares it all with the details of her outfits, so we can all be just as stylish. (Or at least try to be.)

Lyndsey // Fashion Blogger, Instagrammer

Lyndsey is an Edmontonian fashion blogger and Instagrammer, or perhaps the term "Fashion Expert" would be slightly more fitting. Lyndsey knows her way around clothes and fashion. She is definitely a pro at putting them together in a way that'll make heads turn, and this is evident on her Instagram page and her blog, Over My Styled Body. And let me tell you, she is more than styled. Lyndsey also ventures into the worlds of beauty, lifestyle, travel & D.I.Y. on her blog, so it's safe to say she does it all!

Zohra // Makeup Artist, Instagrammer

Zohra is all of our makeup goals. This Edmonton makeup artist uses her Instagram to display her looks and even makes mini-tutorials for those of us who are, well... not so great at the whole "makeup" thing. But don't worry, Zohra has got your back with her extremely easy-to-follow makeup tutorials, tips and tricks. Zohra's looks are super diverse and range from full-out glam to minimal, sweet and subtle.

Frouzan // Hair/Makeup Artist, YouTuber, Instagrammer

From makeup to hair, Frouzan (FROArtistry) does it all. Frouzan is a cosmetics genius. She uses her Instagram for product reviews and recommendations, makeup and hair tutorials and much more - the talent is endless. Her looks are absolutely stunning, and between teaching us how to achieve the perfect beach waves and a dramatic smokey eye, Frouzan also holds workshops around the city. Frouzan is definitely the makeup guru we need and deserve.

Vickie // Fashion & Style Blogger, Instagrammer

Ready to take on an Adventure In Fashion? Vickie Laliotis is a fashion and style blogger and the creator of the blog, Adventures In Fashion. Vickie creates stunning looks and features beauty tips and tricks, reviews, D.I.Y.s and so much more on her blog. But of course, her badass-ness doesn't stop there, as she also shares delicious recipes and lifestyle and blogging tips on her blog. Vickie is basically your fashion and media fairy godmother.

Kat Gill // Photographer, Instagrammer

Kat Gill is an incredibly talented portrait photographer in Edmonton. Kat's photography is modern, fashion inspired and driven by romance. Her photos draw you in and emphasize every inch of beauty within them. Kat shares her work with the world via her Instagram and website/photography business, Katch Studios.

Influencers, bloggers, makeup artists, photographers and YouTube stars have been taking their brands to a whole new level using the power of social media. Connecting with a whole global community right at their fingertips is part of what makes their jobs so badass. And the best part is, you can join them! All you really need is, well... the Internet. Fast and reliable internet with great upload speeds that is.

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