There's no one else in the world that can annoy you quite like a sister can. Yet there's also no one else in the world who you love unconditionally-- regardless of how many times they "borrow" your clothes without asking.

And whether your sister has been your best friend or the source of all your torment--you have to admit that part of you loves hanging out with them (the size of that "part" is entirely dependent on the level of torment, of course).

So, to show your sister how much you care (and to show her a little appreciation for keeping some of your secrets from your parents), spend the day with her enjoying any of activities listed below.

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1. Go out for brunch at Canteen.

Brunch is always a good idea. And you can spend some time together catching up, all while enjoying some delicious food. In addition to the always amazing Canteen, you can check out some more brunch spots here.

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2. Get your nails done at K Nails Salon.

Enjoy your sister's company as you both step up your nail game. They say a great manicure can do wonders for your self confidence (and by "they", I mean me, and by "your", I mean mine....but you may also agree too?). I highly recommend K Nails Salon, but you and your sister may have your own go-to place. Lots of great options in the city!

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3. Head out for a spa date at Bliss Yoga Spa.

Everyone deserves to be pampered every once in awhile. So head out with your sister and enjoy a little TLC. Perhaps a massage is just what's needed to ease the tension that occurred when you found out she ripped your favourite pair of pants. I highly recommend Bliss Yoga Spa, but since there's a lot of amazing places, you may have your own go-to spa.

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4. Splurge on a night at the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald.

Spend some quality time with your sister while enjoying the luxuries of great service at the Fairmont. A little hotel retreat may be just what you both need.

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5. Have a tea date at The Tea Girl.

Tea is the coziest and comfiest of all the beverages! So take your sister out to any of Edmonton's great tea spots listed here, which of course includes The Tea Girl aka a tea-lovers heaven. This will be the perfect setting to spend some quality time gossiping about the rest of your family.

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6. Walk/drive around the city and take some cool photos for your Instagram.

Whether you want to take photos of some of Edmonton's most photogenic locations, or take photos of one another in said locations (whichever matches your insta-aesthetic best--you do you). You'll both have fun exploring and appreciating the beauty of our city. For a list of amazing spots to take photos in Edmonton, check here.

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7. Go shopping at any (or all) of Edmonton's local clothing stores.

Retail therapy is a thing. And your sister--unlike some of your friends, will have no problem telling you how horrible something looks on you, so she's truly the best shopping partner. For a list of unreal local shops/brands to check out, click here.

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8. Check out The Rec Room for tons of activities.

Considering there's so many different things to do in this one place, you and your sister can take your pick as to what will keep you the most entertained. Whether that's axe throwing, bowling, taking part in a car race simulation etc., there's just so many options! It's definitely worth checking out.