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9 Fancy Things You Can Treat Yourself To For Under $50 In Edmonton

Treat yourself every now and then.
9 Fancy Things You Can Treat Yourself To For Under $50 In Edmonton

When life gets tough, we can all use a break. With Edmontonians constantly on the move and caught up in the hustle, it gets to a point where we sometimes want to say "the hell with it" and go for a well-deserved cocktail or massage to reward ourselves for our hard work. I mean c'mon, we deserve it and it serves as positive reinforcement.

There is nothing wrong with treating yourself, since it serves as the perfect reminder to acknowledge ourselves for our hard work and to keep going with our grind. But we can't lie, some rewards can be detrimental to our wallets so we thought we would add a budget to this one. Have a look at 9 fancy things you can treat yourself to in Edmonton for a price tag of under $50. C'mon, it's not gonna hurt ya!

Barre Studio  // 4211 106 Street (more than one location)

Barre Studio combines ballet, pilates, and ballet into one exercise to strengthen muscles and to tighten up the tush. It takes yoga practice and transforms it into a graceful choreography. If you're wanting to try something new in terms of a new workout routine, we recommend you give barre a try. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes for you'll be doing plenty of stretching.

Drop-in class: $25

CircoFit Health Club //11346 119 St NW, Edmonton

Want to increase your body strength? Treat yourself to an aerial fitness class where you get to put your posture and balancing skills to the test with the help of a few vertical ropes. If the idea of applying your body strength to a set of ropes scares you, just take a drop-in class and find out if you like it or not.

Cost: Beginner "Teaser" Silk Workshop: $20

Cineplex Odeon VIP Theatre // 6151 Currents Dr NW

Treat yourself to a dinner in a movie at the Cineplex Odeon VIP Theatre in Windermere Center. You not only get to eat and drink in the lounge before your movie, but you also get to do the same inside the theatre. Did we mention that there are reclining leather chairs? Now that's a treat!

Cost: click  here to get prices since they vary.

World Waterpark  // West Edmonton Mall, 8882 170 Street

The West Edmonton Mall Waterpark is the perfect spot to go to in terms of fun and adventure. Everyone deserves to have fun, right? Spend the day at the second world's largest indoor waterpark, with more than 17 waterslides and unique play features, this serves as the perfect Edmonton treat.

Cost: $40 (General Admission)

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Galaxyland // 8882 170 Street

It's always fun to treat yourself, and we mean that literally when we say that West Edmonton Mall's Galaxyland is your spot to fulfill that fun. From roller coasters, to swings, to over 27 rides to choose from. Why not spend the whole day there, c'mon it's the most you'll have when it comes to treating yourself.

Cost: $40 (General Admission)

The Nailkeeper // 10381 112 St NW

Ladies, we know it can be a struggle when it comes to keeping those nails on fleek, and it doesn't help with a high price point. We suggest you take those nails over to The Nailkeeper located not too far from Downtown Edmonton, the prices are reasonable and there are plenty of designs to choose from, plus they have a different styles of pedicures and facial threading. Treat yourself, you deserve it!

Cost: $42 mani shellac, $26 manicure, $40 pedicure. Click here to get more price information.

La Ronde Restaurant // 10111 Bellamy Hill Rd NW

Best known for its incredible view of Edmonton and revolving in a circle every 88 minutes, La Rande restaurant is single-handedly the fanciest restaurant in all of Edmonton. You will get the honor to taste the most sophisticated meals under $50 such as the Suprême of Chicken, Baked Arctic Char, Seafood Cioppino and more. These meals are so good that even your tastebuds will thank you.

Cost: click here for full La Ronde menu

Ahava Day Spa // 10155  105th Street

Whether it's stress from work or you're just overwhelmed in general, treat yourself to a massage and get rid of that tension building up. Even if the massage is only 30 minutes, at least know that you'll be paying under $50, and, you get great service. It will be worth it, believe us.

Cost: $48 massage for 30 minutes.

Love Pizza YEG // 10196 109 Street

This one is pretty obvious for this restaurant consists of two of the most important words in the dictionary: love and pizza. And the best part is, you're paying under $50! Signature pizzas not only taste good, they look good, and they'll do your wallet good. And, you can even add your own toppings starting at $2 so really, you can add all you want!

Cost: $12.95 for a signature pizza

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