You would think that if owned a restaurant and you saw someone with a guide dog you’d be more than willing to let that person have a seat. 

But apparently a restaurant in Edmonton’s airport saw things a little different recently. 

That’s because they refused to serve a blind man who had his service animal with him.  

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Phil Bobawsky, who is legally blind, says that he got to his flight early and decided to get a bite to eat at the Edmonton Eskimos Sports Bar in the airport. 

He says that his dog, Finnegan led him into the restaurant and found him a place to sit.  

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That’s when he was approached by someone who told him that pets weren’t allowed in the restaurant and he’d need to leave. 

He tried to explain that Finnegan was a guide dog and he was allowed to be served under the Blind Persons' Rights Act in Alberta and the Service Dogs Act, Bobawsky said.  

It didn’t work though and he and Finnegan were forced to leave the restaurant, leaving Bobawsky feeling completely “humiliated” by the whole incident.  

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This isn’t the first time it’s happened to him either, Bobawsky says that he’s been refused service at restaurants in the Edmonton airport 3 times now. 

A spokesperson for the restaurants in the airport says she called to apologize to Bobawsky and that they’ll now be working with him to help educate people in the airport about the rights of those with service animals. 

Source: CBC